First of the New Regime

March 18, 2008

My good friend Tim pointed out to me that MySpace has begun warning you every time you click a link on my blog. “Hey there! MySpace here! Just letting you know that you are navigating away from MySpace.” That’s kind of really a little more than slightly very annoying. I had no idea, I don’t read my own blog. I put it there. I know what’s there. So for all of you that are making the journey with me from there to here. Welcome, hopefully this will be a more pleasant experience.

As for the title, “Reversible Panda,” it just sprung up from the ether and I thought it was interesting enough to be memorable. It’s cute and it sounds like it might be a little dirty. It would be at home on a list of deviant sexual behaviors, like Donkey Punch, Angry Dragon, Reversible Panda. You’d also be comfortable with it in the crib with your baby, “Simon, it’s time for beddie bye, here’s your reversible panda.” For a while I will continue to post a link from the old blog to here, but you might do well to go ahead and bookmark this sucker so you don’t lose it. Without further adieu, or is it ado… it’s probably ado… that makes more sense… without further ado… on to the silliness.

Someone better keep an eye on this guy, if he trains an army of these, we’re all in trouble:

Karate Monkey

There is nothing funny about alcoholism unless you’re talking about alcoholic animals, then it’s just plain adorable:

50 Animals with drinking problems

Speaking of drinking problems… how about combining your drinking with your unhealthy snacking? In all seriousness, these do look pretty good:

Beer cupcakes

Keeping with the same theme… I love the planet and everything but when your social eco-consciousness encroaches on your drinking it’s time to un-dred your hair, and wash off the patchouli:

360 Vodka

I must’ve pleased a god or something. Yesterday I posted a woman whacking her head on a stripper pole. And now this:

Stripper accident number 2

It’s day one on the new blog and I’ve already posted a stripper clip, why stop there with the questionable content? Hell, wikipedia is well respected and they have this:


Don’t get me wrong… Chuck Norris is a bad ass… but I never understood why he was chosen for the career resurgence as an ironic icon… or “ironicon.” (I just coined that term, copyright, “me,” date, “today.”) Charles Bronson clearly was poised for that sort of thing what with fishing with his bare hands (or ‘bear’ hands) and advertising a Japanese deodorant called, “Mandom.” (I am aware there were way too many quotes and parentheticals in this description, it won’t happen again, I, “promise.”)

It hurts to put up a list like this… because he is my hero, but the guy’s got a couple of good points:

11 Reasons AC Slater was a Sissified Pansy

It’s odd to hear such truth in an R&B song. Well, truth for most guys… not me… I relate more to the works of Color Me Badd:

Honest R&B

I’ve been told by some of my female friends that these aren’t their favorite links… I still put them here because of the other female friends who say these are their favorite lists. So hot… so very hot:

Top 10 women and whipped cream clips


One Response to “First of the New Regime”

  1. Tim said

    CONGRATS on the new digs!!
    Now – we both know I’m the only person who reads your blog, so you can stop referring to “Tim” in your posts and just say “Hey, Faggot.”

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