Forbidden Broadway and Birthday Parties

March 19, 2008

Saw Forbidden Broadway last night. My friend Kristen is in the show this week in New York, and goes to Miami for 5 weeks after this run. If you can see it this week, go. Or if you’re in Miami go in the next month. She’s wicked awesome. I had a lot more fun than I thought at the show, considering it’s a lot of ‘inside’ Broadway jokes. I got a lot more of the gags than I thought I would despite the fact I hadn’t even seen half the shows they were making fun of.

Afterwards I stopped by a bar for a birthday party and I was reminded how much I hate the particular bar I went to and swore again to never go to that bar. I’ll probably be there next week. Stupid friends insisting on hanging out at a bar I dislike!

Given my joy for all things bacon… this was brought to my attention yesterday and I can’t help but think they’ve gone too far:

Bacon Flavored Rolling Papers

I’ve seen the future, and it is awesome:

Virtual Girlfriend

The first movie not involving a Marvel Character or Indiana Jones that I am excited about finally has a trailer… Tropic Thunder:

Speaking of comics… sometimes celebrities get their own comics (ie. I own every issue of ALF) other times they just make truly bizarre cameos:

5 Strangest Celebrity Comic Book Cameos

I’ve seen the baby Jesus butt plug before. Not up close or anything. I mean, I’ve heard tell of it. Is that even a phrase? Anyway, he of course makes this list, but so does my new favorite thing to say, “rubber fisting mitten.” Say it 5 times fast and try not to smile:

25 Most Disturbing Sex Toys

In my defense, it was a long flight, I was bore, she was hot, you do the math:

Man rubs one out onto sleeping woman on plane

There are way more than 10 but if you have to narrow it down… these are good choices I guess:

The most racist moments in television

Easter will be here soon… what better way to celebrate the rising of Christ from the dead than with dioramas of sugar covered marshmallow:

It’s Peep-tacular

When this stuff happens it usually winds up being better than the game itself:

10 Best Mascot Fights


2 Responses to “Forbidden Broadway and Birthday Parties”

  1. Tim said

    Thanks a lot; I said “rubber fisting mitten” five times fast and the Candyman butt-raped me.

  2. David V. said

    I totally know of what bar you speak… and I feel the same way! You’ll notice that even though I like all those folks you were hanging with, and even occasionally indulge in the karyoak, I wasn’t there. And by the way, I NEED those rolling papers!

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