Holy Thursday? Or… somethin’

March 20, 2008

I watched Enchanted finally last night. Eh. It was cute I guess. I’m now committed to doing the next Dare project. It’s on April 2nd. My play is still shopping for a director, the one I wrote that is. I will be in Dan Schultz’s Choose Your Own Adventure play. I am also doing the late night show at the Laugh Factory on Saturday night @ 11pm. I have 3 birthday parties to go to this weekend, rehearsals for 3 different shows and I plan on sleeping at some point. Silly me. Tonight? I have to look at some re-writes of my play, start learning lines and watch Lost. Maybe even play a little Lost. I got the video game in the mail from game fly… it’s more confusing than the show. Speaking of confusing… and shows… what the &^%* is the deal people?! What was Carly Smithson doing in the bottom 3 on American Idol? I had finally come to terms with the fact that my KLC was about to go AWOL… look I’ll get belligerent, but no I don’t actually call in and vote… that would be totally gay.

Based on the stupidity of America as a whole… this guy could actually have a strong campaign:

Viral video presidential candidate

Having seen 89 of these, I believe I am well on my way to achieving this goal. A goal I will also reach? Having no life whatsoever:

100 Movies Every Guy Should See

Thank god… you know I’ve avoided trying cocaine all this time just because I hate the taste of asprin… finally a coke we all can enjoy!:

Strawberry ‘flavored’ cocaine

As it turns out, if you edit together a lot of clips of people hurting themselves from America’s Funniest Home Videos and overlay a trance soundtrack on it and run it all a little slower than normal… it’s hilarious again. The woman nearer the end who rolls down the bouncy slide while flashing her undies and crushing children just about made me pee:

People gettin’ hurt compilation

The greatest list ever! I am still partial to Anya and Hayley… but I may have some new favorites now… not that I even watch the show. Maybe when they take it on the road and in Bulgaria, the government forces them to do it topless. Then I’m totally DVR’ing that action:

The Women of Deal or No Deal

I disagree Emmitt… I think the Packers do ‘has’ a running game:

The wisdom of Emmitt Smith

Dude… I posted a video of this thing in it’s earlier stages almost a year ago… the technology has advanced and it creeps me out even more… :

I’m still waiting for Tailor of Panama 2!:

Movie Sequels that came out waaaaaay too late

Way cooler than you would think. Not that I’d want to be there to watch one live… but I’d imagine my last thoughts would be, “That’s f*&^in’ beautiful.” Followed by, “I’m totally melting.”:

Nuclear Explosions

I would like to add certain brands of hair gel, and wallet chains to this list, I would also like to remove truck testicles from the list on the grounds that I think they are hilarious and a good way to find the Wal-mart. (ie. follow the guy with balls on his truck):

10 Items only douchebags buy


3 Responses to “Holy Thursday? Or… somethin’”

  1. Provider said

    100 movies ….. Number 77 is “FORMULA 51” not ‘The 61st State’ as listed

  2. Provider said

    10 items not to buy …. there should be a disclaimer on Number 8. As YOU become older and YOU can’t see the tiny numbers and hands of watch, YOU will want a ‘pass’ on buying number 8.

  3. erik said

    seriously? you’ve not seen 11 of those? we gotta remedy that (though, i realize that i pushed enchanted on you pretty severely, take my word for it, you have to see pretty much all of those movies…taxi, excluded…).

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