Good Morning Robin

March 21, 2008

The subject line is for my friend Robin who lives in Texas who sent me an email to let me know that my blog is now her homepage. Yay. See, part of the reason I moved from myspace (where I was reaching my 200th post and 35,000th view by the way) was because to be considered seriously for a ‘blogging job,’ you can’t be just on myspace. If I get enough views per day and all that stuff, I can start selling advertising, maybe get hired by a bigger blog… hell, maybe Huffington needs me. Then I can do this on my own time, get paid for it, go on auditions, win an Oscar, and thank all of you in my acceptance speech. Won’t that be cool?! So if you see something you like on here don’t just pass the one link on to your friends, pass the link for the blog itself along, tell them to bookmark it and visit every day. Help me get out of this horrid day job and maybe you’ll get a shout out in an Oscar speech. That’s a good trade off right?

I still haven’t watched Lost from last night, I have it DVR’d but I’m already lamenting the idea that I won’t have another new episode until April 24th. That’s really sad… I have so much else going on in my life right now, I hate that I care that much about a TV show. I guess that’s partly why I am an actor. It amazes me that ‘entertainment,’ can be so much to me. I remember getting to the last Buffy DVD and thinking… this is it.. no more new Buffy. I mourned.

I’ve also become re-obsessed with South Park… at some point I stopped caring and watching and then I came back and I gotta say, some episodes are so brilliant it’s painful. There was a recent episode where they found the cure for AIDS, I won’t ruin it for those of you who haven’t seen it… and if you haven’t… guess what… you can watch any episode here for free:

South Park Studios

I love Charles Bukowski a lot, but I am afraid someone else is in the running for greatest poet of all time. If you are at work, around children, or care at all about your mortal soul, you probably don’t want to hear this poem. For those brave enough… I present to you… Tyree:

It’s nice to see stories like this, normally we’re being inundated with information about the 1000s of animals our children will never see because we’ve ruined their habitats. Well, you know what? My grand parents missed some stuff too:

New species discovered so far this month

I’m a little embarrassed at how intrigued I am by this kinda stuff:

Extreme close-up of a ziploc bag

Ah, Family Guy, the only place where a homosexual child predator is hilarious:

The Best of Herbert

In reality I know this is no more than a google image search, but you can find more ecclectic and/or private shots with this search engine through all of flickr:


Clearly I want the high fidelity canopy bed, if I get on though I run the risk of giving up on life completely and just allowing my limbs to atrophie while intravenously being fed liquefied cheese doodles… you know like Britney Spears. [rimshot]:

Modern beds

“and arms can’t do feel good got harm hey hold i in knew know like love me my nice no now so spice sugar that when whoa whoa-oa-oa won’t would wrong you.” No… not a typo, that’s the words to a song that I know you’ve heard, except they’re put in alphabetical order, find more in this quiz (and discover as I did, some songs are more meaningful in alphabetical order):

Great Lyrics Quiz

I’ve said before that I want the fish bowl toilet, but now I think I may need the feces scale… for science… :

Unnecessary bathroom accessories

Oddly cool. There are strange things that I’m passionate about, so it shouldn’t surprise me that some people can really think it’s really all about the typography:

Famous scenes from cinema using only typography and sound

Now that we’re in the middle of March madness… which will extend through April this year… I’m way too late to fill out a bracket… not that I would have been doing anything other that picking the ones with the silliest mascot. For those of you that did… beware:

6 People who will ruin your NCAA pool

Or the more scientific way to fill one out… whichever school has the hottest women… which from the looks of this list, I may pick UT Arlington to go all the way:

NCAA Babes of the Bottom Bracket

This would be way more convienient if it were more than one per page… but even so I skipped ahead to the top 10 and damned if they weren’t all horribly offensive:

50 Most Controversial Album Covers of all time


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