So that was Easter

March 24, 2008

Spent a good portion of the weekend under the weather… too cold to really go anywhere anyway… couldn’t do the improv show Saturday night. On the positive and awww-inducing side of things, I witnessed something on Easter that I don’t think many people get to see… baby pigeons. They always seem to just appear out of the ether, fully formed winged rats. Brunch was the meal of the day for most of the weekend and bed was the location of choice.

Just saw John Cleese on my way to work. He came walking out of a building 10 feet in front of me. He is one of those celebrities I would normally have felt the need to gush to… but I just went slack jawed. Firstly, I think he’s a genius, secondly, the guy is like 6’5″ the intimidation factor was too high. So, John, if you’re reading this, sorry I didn’t say hi.

Because I’m in a religious mood from the weekends happenings, I thought this would be fitting and I think some of them are pretty amazing in their own right:

50 Parodies of Da Vinci’s Last Supper

A radio station in Toronto of all places got ahold of a message a guy in Texas left for his buddy wherein he witnesses an accident… warning: he laughs loud and hard, but so would you if you were watching what he was watching:

Play by play of an accident

The batmobile cost a dollar!*&%#! That’s crazy talk:

5 Kitschy facts about Batman the TV series

Considering I can’t even go into a dark bathroom and say Candyman five times without getting creeped out I admire this guys balls:

Atheist anchor volunteers to be killed by magic

I was very excited as a child when I got the game MouseTrap, the commercials for it made it seem like this amazing Rube Goldberg game with a little guy hitting trip wires and running from boulders… turned out it was a game that was 90% set up and 10% actual enjoyment:

9 Most misleading toy commercials from the 80s

As an Olympic sport it has always seemed as arbitrary to me as freestyle walking:

The joys of synchronized swimming

As always, some eerily accurate, “Employers deposit salary checks directly into their employees’ accounts.” and some sadly inaccurate, “Heart disease has virtually been eliminated by drugs and diet.”:

1968 Predictions for 2008

My questionable link of the day goes to one of these naughty links that I occasionally post, if only because this one refers to Maggie Gyllenhaal’s breasts as her, “chest meat.”:

Top 10 Topless hooker scenes in film

With the election coverage coming to a mind-blowing crescendo it’s good to remind people that it could be worse, and that stupid people vote:

5 Certifiably insane politicians people still voted for

Speaking of crazy people and the election… Obama girl was hot, stylish, she even got a cameo on SNL… these ladies…well you’ll see… it might turn the election… once word gets out that you can wash your face with John McCain… it’s over:

The ‘hug shirt’ is a harbinger of the horribly beautifully disturbingly pleasurable things to come:

The World’s Most Elaborate Sex toys

Finally, someone has broken down the greatest arm wrestling movie of all time:

In depth analysis of Over the Top

It’s a better idea than it sounds, trust me:

Washing machine toilet

When I first heard that Jet Li and Jackie Chan were doing a movie together I was ecstatic. Then I heard the kid from Sky High was the lead and that the movie was geared for a young audience. I wept. Then I watched Sky High which as it turns out isn’t a bad movie at all, in fact it’s pretty good. Now I see this clip and I think I may give Forbidden Kingdom a shot:


One Response to “So that was Easter”

  1. PandaFace said

    Dude, 2 things…

    1) Every single one of those toy commercials kinda WAS my childhood. I remember the day my Dad finally got me Crossfire. I loved that game!!

    2) If you had just used the NetiPot you would not have been so under the weather all weekend. 😛 But I am glad you had the time to just crawl in bed and rest.

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