Birthdays and mingling your mii

March 27, 2008

Yesterday we had a birthday in the office. There are special conversations that happen in an office populated with people of a certain age. A card was opened and a joke was made regarding the illustration on the card. That joke was then repeated to each person in the office as the card was paraded around the office. This was the beginning of a reminiscing about humorous cards people had received in the past. I heard statements like, “Do you remember that card that Stan gave me for my 60th? It had the cutest picture of a gorilla on it and it said, ‘Don’t monkey around.'” This was followed by raucous laughter. I wish I could say I was kidding or exaggerating, I wish I could tell you I worked in an old folks home so that story would make sense. I can’t tell you these things. All I can tell you is that my pithy observations about a bulletproof Paul Prudhomme go entirely unappreciated.

I hooked my Wii up to the internet yesterday.  They have something called Wii connect 24, so now the box has an eerie blue glow coming from it 24-7.  Apparently even when you aren’t playing, your wii needs to talk to home base, and your little Mii can mingle with all the other Mii’s in the cyber tubes.  All I need is to turn on my machine and find out my Mii contracted syphilis from some other Mii.  I don’t like the idea of my little doppelganger going out with no supervision.

Based on the women I know, I’m really shocked, “poop,” and, “caress,” aren’t on this list:

50 Words women hate the most

If you’ve ever sat down and thought about this it shouldn’t come as a surprise:

Tap water is not a naturally occurring substance

All the drugs in the world wouldn’t prepare you for this… James Cameron presents Arnold Schwarzenegger as Hamlet:

I always post when these guys put up lists of chicks in whipped cream bikinis, so why would I pass up posting this tantalizing list?:

Top 10 videos of dogs humping people

This guy should be in all movies. All. Especially ones with Jackie Chan. He’s got no legs and he kicks ass:

Dr. No … Legs

Not that I’m planning on prison at any point in my life but for those of you with nefarious leanings, you might want to brush up on these:

Prison slang terms

John Ford (as in Fort Apache, The Searchers, Rio Grand John Ford) was once paid by the government to make a propaganda film supporting the war. Luckily for the country and unluckily for him (especially since it was technically his last film), the tide changed and the war was over before the film could be shown. As a result it has never been seen in the United States. It’s been released by the national archives and someone put it online… wanna see John Ford’s final film?:

Vietnam, Vietnam

It’s odd the way this guy started this project but the results are pretty cool. I like the drawings and all but I would rather a video of him when he asked his grandmother to draw a picture of a prostitute:

The prostitute project

Game link
This William Tell inspired game is way more fun than it should be, you’ll quickly find the joy rests mostly in the accidents that happen but when I got bored with that and actually played the game, I made it to 80 feet:

Apple shooter

There is no explanation for why Canadians are able to function with stuff like this on TV. I remember seeing one last year about domestic abuse where a dad just goes medieval on some poor waitress… but the PSA’s about workplace safety (that only come in at #9 on this list!) would have had me crying with my knees tucked under my chin had I seen them when I was growing up. Apparently they just air them in between reruns of Friends up there in the Great White North… frightening:

10 Most disturbing Public Service Announcements


One Response to “Birthdays and mingling your mii”

  1. Rich said

    Just what we needed. . . something else giving off some sort of unknown radiation or enery next to the TV. Now, not only do I have to worry that because of all of the jumping around from people playing Tennis or Wario that its going to knock my TV off of the stand, but I also have to worry that some odd glowing object is on 24 hours a day right next to my bedroom door.

    Concerned for health,

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