Knowledge is power

March 28, 2008

Ever since I was a kid I was told by parents, teachers, interstitials between Saturday morning cartoons, “Knowledge is power.” Makes sense, seems like a sound maxim. I began cramming my head with all sorts of nonsense. Reading books on religion, astronomy, biology, history, technology… you very quickly will come to the rather Confuciunary (a word I made up that shall henceforth mean, “of or pertaining to Confucius) idea that true knowledge is to know the extent of you knowledge. Having cracked but 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 of all the knowledge available to me I have realized I am not very powerful. That is to say, if one is the other, than I am lacking on both plates of the scale.

So I started to focus on philosophy. I really bonded with Nietzsche, especially his axiom, (well I think he stole it from the Oracle at Delphi) “Know Thyself.” This was seconded by the more flowery Jung who said something like … journey into your heart, know yourself and awaken. I never liked him as much… you can’t really get down with a philosopher named, “Carl.” I am trying to learn all I can about myself, not in a solipsistic way, but just as a means of trying to focus my life and my energies. Ok.. that sounded totally gay… not gay like homosexual… gay like the Care Bears. I’m working on me… that’s all I’m trying to say… and frankly… I’m a pretty cool guy. I have my issues, but I also have a lot to offer… like all the BS you find on this blog. I guess all I’m trying to say is, I strongly urge you all to, “Take a big swim in Lake You.”

I also finally watched the most recent episode of Lost… and really need a lot of my friends who joined the Lost party late to catch up so I can discuss with them the goings on.  I can’t believe they killed Jack AND Sawyer… it makes no sense.

I am fully aware that the above didn’t happen… or did it?  I just wanted to give a heart attack to those of you who are still on the DVDs of season 3.

There will never be a better band than Journey for a night out drinking. Journey is so good when you are in a bar that it could turn a bad time good, turn a straight bar gay, or turn a bar fight into a ballet:

The top 10 Bar Songs of All Time

Political leanings aside… I did wonder about all that Kerry bashing, and questioning his bravery and whatnot… all of this by W, who went AWOL from the Alabama National Guard:

Angry with the right

To balance out that last one… let’s take a look at the terrifying realities that this years candidate has witnessed:

Hillary’s War Journal

I am a few days late with this one, but it has inspired me to file a patent for my Jesus that lays candy filled eggs:

Easter Patents

Plus… my egg dropping savior can’t fail once I get this guy behind my product, because, “If he believes in your product, Jesus believes in your product.”:


This video has been everywhere and I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now, but in case you haven’t I’ve finally gotten around to putting it here… A bitch slap, in slow motion:

Poor Sarah Jessica Parker… her life must be hell after being voted Unsexiest woman alive. It can’t be all bad, sure your face looks like a foot but you’re married to Ferris Bueler… so… that’s cool, right:

10 Women Unsexier than SJP

It’s hard to imagine a world without the internet, without cell phones, but as much as I hate to admit it, that’s the world I grew up in… which is good because there would be far too many videos of me like this on the internet:

Chubby kid dancing

The only other creature besides me that has this problem… god bless the squid:

Angry squid sex

Science Link
Joking aside for a moment… this guy is my new hero… if his stuff actually comes to pass he may have saved humanity… seriously… he may have a cure for cancer and a substitute for oil… all in one idea (look him up on youtube too to see news stories about him where you can actually watch salt water burn):

John Kanzius

Turning good into bad, this girl suffers from dermotographia, causing her skin to become red and inflamed at small scratches for 30 minutes at a time. She decided to purposely put designs on her body and take pictures of it and call it art… the writing on her thighs is actually really cool:

Skin art

If you’ve been in my room… you’ve seen the toys… you know why this is here:

Every Simpsons couch gag in 5 minutes

I actually keep a jar of DDT in my closet and occasionally mist my clothing with it.  I have a deep seeded fear of egrets and it keeps them at bay:

5 Most over-hyped health scares

This may seem like an odd choice for my link of the day… but I was actually really enthralled by some of these tats and the explanations for getting them (I especially like the Otzi, the ECG, and the vita brevis, ars longa tattoo is very similar to one I’ve been thinking about getting (side note on the latin one… the girl who got it might also consider a little tergum saeta amotio (bonus credit to anyone who figures that out)))

Science tattoos


2 Responses to “Knowledge is power”

  1. Tara said


  2. Provider said

    LEARN ! No one can take away what you know. Learning is a step.
    The ability to remember and apply what has been learned to living
    a life you’ve chosen is the stuff of genius.
    It leads to being a success in your field.
    Remember, all things are relative.
    A doctor might have more medical knowledge, but as a practitioner;
    the doctor may not be as good at applying that knowledge to being a good doctor
    than a plant manager might be at apply that knowledge to being really good at managing.
    Some actors might apply what was learned better than some other actors.
    Some actors are better at acting than doctors are at doctoring.
    Learn and apply!
    Stay brilliant! Be relaxed in your own skin.
    BE as great as you truly are.


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