Death warmed over

March 31, 2008

I went this weekend to see August: Osage County on Broadway.  It was pretty damned amazing.   I would go so far as to say it may be the best straight play I’ve ever seen.  Not just the writing, and the acting, but the directing/staging was phenomenal.  I used to see shows where the acting was so impressive I thought to myself, I’ll never be that good.  After seeing this, which had perhaps some of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen, I didn’t have that thought.  I thought to myself, “I could hold my own up there.”  I’m not sure what happened… I don’t know if I’m more cocky, confident, or just more delusional.

Yesterday was the start of what is feeling like a fierce cold.  I’ve poured salt water up one nostril and let it flow out of the other, I’ve been drinking water like it’s… water… I’m still kind of a mess… and the heat isn’t working in my office… in fact I have cold air blowing on me right now.  I may not make it.  So in actuality I’m not even death ‘warmed’ over, I’m kinda like death on ice.  Not in a Disney way.

It’s a wonderful thing in cinema when schlubs score ridiculously hot women. It rarely happens in reality but it gives us hope that someday we too can score way out of our league (2 disclaimers; 1 – Viggo Mortensen is not so much an odd looking duck, 2 – Personally I don’t have to worry about scoring out of my league… I’m so ridiculously out of most womens leagues that even Scarlett Johansson has been afraid to call me):

Weird Looking Dudes who were able to score

The call these the worst… I beg to differ… these are the awesomest!:

10 Worst Aweseomest Infomercials

I’ve never been to Vegas, but I have been to Reno and Atlantic City and they’re just as good right? … right?:

Hollywood tips to being a better gambler

They did leave out Killing Zoe, which is one of my favorites but anytime there is a reference to the heist in Heat… they at least have a grasp on the basics:

Best Scenes from Movie Robberies

Just because:

A monkey on a mini-bike

Last week I talked about bettering myself by reading science books and whatnot… that’s even more of a waste of time than I thought, science books lie. Most of the people that you think ‘invented’ something, probably didn’t, they’re just really good with the paperwork:

Thomas Edison and 4 other douche bags

Welcome to the part of the blog where I plug friends. First up is a guy who is doing this contest called Total Pop Star, an American Idol style competition judged by (among others) Joey Lawrence, and Deborah Gibson. He’s a close friend of someone I love and trust and she says he’s the shit, plus he’s a fellow Astoria boy… so if you get a minute go and vote for him:

Travis M. is a ‘total pop star’

This woman is a composer and lyricist who came to see me in a show last year and thought I was funny and talented. The least I can do is post her foray into the youtube political race and she’s supporting the right guy so it’s all fine by me. Move over Obama girl… :

Oh, dear lord… I know the name of the show is the “Naked Brothers Band,” but little did I know that it was geared for series regulars from, “To Catch a Predator.”  I asked a gay porn director what he thought of this clip and he said, “That is TOO gay for me, and they’re only children for petesake!”:

Banana Smoothie

I always had a thing for redheads… now I know why… they’re easy (to all of my redheaded female friends this was a joke… I don’t think you’re easy.  But seriously… what are you doing later?):

Redheads have more sex

I’m not gonna stop eating meat any time soon.  Meat is delicious.  But, there might just be something to be said for a woman who doesn’t let any meat cross her lips… maybe I should have phrased that differently:

10 Hottest Vegetarians

The only thing I would’ve added to this list is Bill Paxton and a leg of chicken from, “The Dark Backward,” otherwise these are all pretty good choices:

10 Most disgusting onscreen kisses


One Response to “Death warmed over”

  1. Jeremy said

    You gave me something about “Redheads having sex” and a Rachael Leigh Cook picture….This blog post was JUST FOR ME, wasn’t it?

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