April 1, 2008

Not well today.  I’ll be brief.  Home.  Sick.  Not home sick… quite the opposite since i am home, how can I be sick for home while I’m at home.  I had a dream where I went to some party but I brought my laundry with me, then the people I came with left, and I didn’t know the guy whose party it was and he wanted to go to bed but i had dyed his table blue so while he was looking for cleaning products I snuck out but then realized I didn’t have my laundry bag so i was loosing like my entire wardrobe… did I mention I am on a lot of cold medication.

A friend of mine was looking for this, I had it on my old blog a long time ago, but I’m going to put it on this blog now that it’s kinda searchable, it’s a good resource for actors:

Accents database

And in honor of me being sick… everyone watch TV, LOTS of movies, and Fox and NBC shows including Simpsons, Family Guy, SNL, Arrested Development all in HD and all free… also fun for people on tour with nothing better to do… see you all tomorrow:



3 Responses to “Unwell”

  1. erik said

    dood. you rock. feel better. watch a steve mcqueen or william holden or paul newman movie, pre-1970. can’t help but make you feel better. hope to see you soon. by the way, i love that accent database. i use it constantly.

  2. Provider said

    Hey! You’re shoe is untied. Made you look! Happy April first!
    Didn’t that make you feel better?

  3. viv said

    Thank you! Awesome. Sorry you are sick. Have you watched this slings and arrows? or rome? two awesome shows i have discovered. v

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