The Planet

April 9, 2008

I’m going to dovetail a little from yesterdays blog and talk about something kind of deep again. Extinction. I know that we as human beings are kind of raping the planet. According to biodiversity experts, the extinction of species is proceeding at 100 to 10,000 times the pre-human rate.

Firstly, 100 to 10,000 times? That’s a pretty big pot to stir… could we narrow that down? That means if there was 1 species on the planet, their best guesstimate is either 100 of them died or 10,000 of them died. No where else in science is that margin of error allowed.

Secondly, they found an impact crater that shows 250 million years ago some giant rock hit the earth with enough force to, “abruptly snuff out 90 percent of the species on Earth.” This is before the dinosaurs. The preceding quote is from a book called, “When Life Nearly Dies: The Greatest Mass Extinction of All Time,” by paleontologist Michael Benton. He goes on to say that this die off was prolonged, after the impact it probably took 10 million years for that 90 percent to shuffle off the mortal coil… but, “a lot can slowly go wrong in 10 million years.” What?!?!

Let me get this straight… I’m supposed to feel bad that every time I exhale I’m putting more CO2 into the atmosphere and killing a beetle in a rainforest when we could just be somewhere in the middle of a 10 million year slow killing of everything on the planet but we’re taking the responsibility for it? Maybe we should get these biodiversity experts and these paleontologists together for tea. We would then realize, it’s not us… the planet goes through changes, we can slow those changes down or speed them up, but the fact of the matter is… the planet was here before us, and it will be here after us.

I promise tomorrow I’ll try not to talk too much about nerdy stuff… I’ll talk about boobs and man kicks.

I think these are awesome. But, this is really for homeowners, especially those in Williamsburg who are the only ones hip enough to pull this sort of thing off:

Art Deco Space Age Wallpaper

I’m not really comfortable with ‘big brother’ watching our every move, but it’s even more disturbing to me that security cameras aren’t really a deterrent to crime. It is exponentially more upsetting that someone with murder on the mind has the sense to move a few hundred feet away from the cameras before killing you:

San Francisco CCTV study

Now that everyone has video phones and technology is growing in every direction, every day, still photographs have lost their momentum. As far as I am concerned there will always be a place for photos, capturing a moment in time, they are especially powerful if they capture a really specific flash of a moment in time:

Photographs taken at just the right second

This girl was in the paper yesterday, and as someone who knows little people, as someone who has little people in his family… I think I am allowed to say… holy fuck.. this girl is tiny!:

1 ft 11 inch teenager

Having lived in Daytona for a number of years, I am familiar with Nascar and their propensity for product placement. Some people in my office however referred to the movie Talledega Nights as a disgraceful hour and a half long commercial because they didn’t get the joke. I got it. It was funny:

10 Stories behind product placement

With banana prices going up, and being on the verge of extinction, it was only a matter of time:

When bananas attack

This song has been popping up everywhere lately and was even the star of a massive youtube April Fool’s Day prank… but this is easily my favorite version:

There is a sixth and final stage they neglect to mention. The stage where you just want to pass out but the room won’t stop spinning so you think maybe I need to go throw up… You spend a while trying to move you limbs toward the bathroom only to give up and try really hard to pass out… the more you concentrate, the more you realize you have to throw up and are re-energized enough to run into the bathroom and dry heave over the toilet before waking up in fetal position on the bathroom rug. Just me?:

The 5 stages of drunkenness

Some of the girls in these clips have parked in that 5th stage with the unfortunate circumstance of having a camera present to document their activities:

10 Best Drunk girl moments on the web

This came out yesterday and I didn’t mention it because I needed to watch it myself 50 times first… I am so in line on day 1 for this movie… I’m jazzed! Check out this new clip from Ironman:

ROFL, LOL, LMAO and any other initialism or internet spawned acronym denoting laughter… I don’t know why this brings me such joy:

Corey Haim’s OFFICIAL website


3 Responses to “The Planet”

  1. k-did said

    Im not sure, however you might try, that you will escape the nerdiness…
    I have to find other people who are excited about the whole Ironman thing while trying to also find people who will do an Indiana Jones marathon with me before that one comes out. So much to do..

    other than that, the build up of what I need to hand over to you has grown entirely too much.

  2. Fred said

    Don’t go all flat earth society on me buddy. Focus.

  3. Tim said

    One time Raines and I went to this crappy little monthly sci-fi con in Pasadena and Corey Haim was there sitting behind a card table selling $12 autographs. We bought one cuz we felt bad. To make change for a twenty, he reached in his back pocket and pulled out a scraggly old velcro wallet, opened it, dug through the cobwebs and pulled out two of the shittiest looking dollar bills I’ve ever seen. They looked like they smelled pretty bad; that coupled with the fact that he seemed totally vexed about where he would come up with the remaining $6 he owed us, we told him to just keep the change. He seemed relieved, but I think he would’ve been thrilled just to know we weren’t gonna have his legs broke.

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