Busy Busy

April 10, 2008

I’m tossing this up early this morning because I’m off to the network to be a reader for some new tv show. All I know is it’s supposed to be a modern day Hamlet. Should be fun. Won’t be in to work work until 2:30. Yes, I meant to write work work. It’s an odd thing in English that if you double a word it has a different meaning. Like this morning is work, it’s just acting work so i don’t consider it work… after that I have to return to the mind-numbing job I usually do… and that is work work. When I was kid I would always want to sit in the back back of the caravan. In college, my apartment was home, but where my parents lived was home home. I’ve been in love a bunch in my life… I’ve only been in love love a couple of times. I wonder if this is only an English thing. If any of my readers speak another language and can clear that up, I’d appreciate it. Make sure you let me know in English though, because of that purely American custom of being selfish and not really caring about your language I only ever learned to speak English, because that’s a language language. Your language is stupid. It’s like a bunch of clicks and buzzes.

Wow… that was incoherent… I promise not to clumsily throw something together this early ever again. I don’t promise promise but… I’ll try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I wrote yesterday about meteorites and comets and various space debris hitting the planet… this guy has had meteorites hit his house 5 times and he has come up with the only possible explanation:

I’m being targeted by extraterrestrials

For a while I thought of starting my own cult, it would be based on the principles that banana flavored Runts candies are awesome and it’s cool to play video games… I was just about to start the paperwork, but then I got side tracked by banana Runts and video games:

6 Insane Cults that would probably be fun

Ah… baseball, steak and mountain boobs:

7 Wonders of the male world

The antithesis of the above list, this is a restaurant that serves up nightmares. It takes the phrase, “eat a dick,” horrifyingly literally:

Guo-li-zhuang Restaurant

LOST – the greatest show currently (well, it returns on April 24) television can summed up by the cast in one word:


It is pretty damn hard to make a list like this. There is a lot of scorn on the internet… and frankly I think that puppy tossing marine should be number one (but he’s already knee-deep in karmic receivership without the internet fucking with me):

10 Most hated people on the internet

Speaking of that bastard… someone hated him enough to make a game wherein you can play the puppy and toss that asshole as far as you can (I got 22,000+ feet):

Puppy’s Revenge

This website might as well be subtitled, “Chris’ adolescence.” They have cover art, descriptions and video for just about every game Nintendo ever put out on the original machine:

NES Guide

Ocassionally I like to put up links to products that I like, but am in no way hip enough to own. This is one of those:

Graphic pillows

I have a bottle of Absinthe at home… and it is delicious, but I haven’t had so much that I’ve been dancing with the green fairies. If you are unfamiliar, it is the liqueur distilled from wormwood that helps you hallucinate. Vincent Van Gogh famously chopped his own ear off while on an absinthe binge. In what might be the most brilliant idea since the tazer cell phone, this company has decided to let you get absinthe straight into your pores while you are sure to be holding a razor:

Absinthe Shaving Cream

If you have ever seen my business card, you knew I would of course be Neo. If you are Japanese and have ever seen me you probably thought I WAS Keanu:

Which Keanu character are you?

As long as athletes will continue to have ridiculous names like, “Rusty Kuntz, ” and “Dick Trickle,” sports writers will continue to come up with awesome headlines:

Unintentionally (sure) funny sports headlines

I’ve been talking about this video concerning an anonymous donation to a hospital all week, but I don’t think I’ve posted it yet… kinda made pee a little:


One Response to “Busy Busy”

  1. Tim said

    Funny. I don’t see you as a Neo at all. MAYBE Don John. Or Siddhartha…

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