Broadway weekend

April 11, 2008

I’m going to see The Country Girl tonight on Broadway. Directed by Mike Nichols, starring Morgan Freeman, Frances McDormand and Peter Gallagher, I should be in for a pretty good ride. Tomorrow night I may be seeing Harvey Fierstein’s latest, A Catered Affair, so it’s a big theatre weekend for me. Other than that I’m trying to get myself together to get new headshots and maybe finally record a voice over demo. Why is it so hard sometimes to get yourself together enough to pursue something you want so badly. If Elvis wanted a peanut butter banana sandwich he made one… or he called someone and they made it and brought it to him. If I want to support myself entirely by acting, I should just go out and do that. Right? Well, there are a few more obstacles in my way than just the price of bananas and choosing between crunchy or smooth, or between white or wheat. I’m breaking them down one by one, but damn I wish I started this process back when I was young. I’m still young… but as a casting director told me yesterday… I read about 27-28 years old. Younger than I am, but still too old to play even a med student, I would have to be a doctor. Her words.

Uh oh creationists… when the snake offered that apple up to Eve… did he strut away confidently?

Snake with legs fossil found

Also found… a 37,000 year old immaculately preserved 3 month old mammoth:


With new state of the art microphones we can look forward to a lot more things like this hitting our ears because frankly when you are working this hard and sweating this much you’re bound to drop one of these once in a while (and am I wrong for thinking that hearing Maria Sharapova curse is kind of hot?):

Top 10 Athlete F-bombs

Now athletes can be forgiven for the occasional verbal diarrhea. Doc Ellis however was throwing dragons over the plate one night and has no reason to apologize. Who knew LSD was performance enhancing?:

I threw a no-hitter on acid

Now, of course, I’ve never used a dating site… walking down the street without being mobbed by ladies is hard enough for me… but for those of you who do (this list includes the site “No Longer Lonely,” which a few of my exes might want to look into), here are some sites you should avoid:

5 Most ill-advised dating sites on the web

The fact of the matter is those websites will get traffic… because men are dumb and will do anything to get laid… in our defense, we’re not the only ones in the animal kingdom who are like that (you gotta love my segues today):

7 Members of the animal kingdom more desperate than us

I’m not even famous yet. Well, I’m a little famous, but not crazy famous… regardless… I already have a team of publicists working for me in case anything horrible happens…

Awesome celebrity arrests

Here’s an oldy but a goodie… a dance remix based solely on the fact that Wilfred Brimley pronounces diabetes in such an odd way:

Proof that even stupid people have a shot on gameshows that aren’t even based on picking a suitcase:

Luckiest people on gameshows

Warning: Geek link. I have to admit, I find the steampunk movement to be kind of cool. If you’re not familiar, steampunk is a re-imagining of the world in a Jules Verne like way. As if we all still relied on steam power in the 21st century. Anyway, if the concept alone wasn’t geeky enough for you, this guy made steampunk action figures:

Steampunk Star Wars and Justice League

Are the Japanese just that obsessed with this cat that grown male construction workers want it on products, or are they just forcing little girls to buff the splinters off of things?:

Hello Kitty power sander

Again… not surprisingly with these sort of lists, I’ve seen all but 3 of these films, and own more than half of them… I lead a sad little life. A life full of screams and laughter… but sad nonetheless:

27 Best horror-comedy films of all time

Even when I was lonely and on tour I never rented a spanktravision movie in a hotel… not because of a fear of shame mind you… mostly because they had horrible titles like these:

15 Worst hotel room pornos

I’ll leave you with something to keep you occupiedthe rest of the weekend… while I don’t agree with everything on the list… it’s still a pretty damn good list… have good weekend… enjoy:

50 Best Comedy sketches of all time


One Response to “Broadway weekend”

  1. Tim said

    I wish each and every one of your postings would in some way feature my hero, Wilford Brimley. Coincidentally, I was watching The Thing last night and it occurred to me that, having met the DP (the great Dean Cundey) just a few days ago, I neglected to ask him if Brimley’s axe-wielding freakout was, in fact, real and they had just kept the cameras rolling. Diabeetic shock? My instincts tell me yes.

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