Let’s talk Idol.

April 16, 2008

Someone referred to my American Idol girlfriend Kristy Lee Cook as, “the fart in the car that needs to be let out.” Well, keep the windows rolled up because the, “fart in the car,” that is my girlfriend KLC will be sticking around. While my feelings for her have begun to wane, you have to hand it to her, the girl knows how to pick the right song that is in her ‘wheelhouse,’ and plays to her audience. I have to agree with Simon that the boys dominated last night… so lets see… if the boys are safe and KLC is safe… who does that leave me for the bottom three…:
CARLY SMITHSON – Currently running neck and neck for the role of, “my American Idol girlfriend,” now that KLC is starting to rub me the wrong way. America is still scared of the tattoos and you’re the only person with an accent left now that Johns is gone… how very anti-American of you… but I think you are going to be ok this week.
SYESHA MERCADO and BROOKE WHITE – girls… I don’t know what to say… lately my crush on Brooke has been growing exponentially as my crush on KLC disappears, she will never catch up with Carly and KLC for me because she’s never seen an R rated film… and anyone who hasn’t seen Goodfellas… that’s a dealbreaker for me. Syesha is here because she tends to live here in the bottom 3 despite the fact that I don’t ever think she was that bad. While I kinda hope Syesha finally bites it… due to her shaky nerves mid-way through last night… I’m going to have to say BROOKE is going home.

Since the Titanic is back in the news in what I like to call Rivetgate… You’d like to think that the 1st class passengers on the Titanic had at least enjoyed an amazing last meal… but frankly… the menu doesn’t float my boat so to speak… but I’m no foodie:

Last meal on the H.M.S. Titanic

Most big event movies that you see, especially sequels, usually go through a few writers. I think Kevin Smith has written scripts for just about every comic franchise you can imagine… sadly, none of which have been utilized yet. McSweeney’s has already taken it down… but they had posted Michael Chabon’s script for Spiderman 2 on their website. You can read about the differences here:

Michael Chabon’s Spiderman 2

In case you thought nursery rhymes weren’t cerebral enough for you and you’d outgrown them… this should complicate them again for you:

Visual Representations of Nursery Rhymes

I will admit to enjoying Fred water. I like the flask shape of the bottle… it’s convenient. I used to enjoy Fiji water but I will never buy that again. The second I see Ta-Nant water I’m buying it cus that bottle is awesome… so I guess I’m a douchbag:

Bottled Waters for Douchebags

I can’t believe I lost this auction… I promised myself I wouldn’t go higher than 30… at the last minute this guy swoops in and takes it… now I’ll just have to be lonely and never know the joy of having my own:

Vajayjay shaped Sun chip

This one is more for the younger guys, it’s not that I don’t like video games, or women… I just know that when I was younger hearing a hot woman say, “Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right,” would have sent me over the top. Sadly now… I would reach for a pen to write down the cheat code:

Hot girls and cheat codes

There are levels of stupid. Level one is like asking a woman when she’s due, and it turns out she’s just fat. Level two is misjudging a curb when you’re parking. Level three is cutting vegetables in the palm of your own hand and plunging the knife into it… this guy is somewhere around level 32:

Using a lighter to look inside a fuel tanker

Yesterday I outed myself as a huge geek… but just so you know we can kick some serious ass:

10 Most badass geeks in film/tv

Horrible news about the awesome Iron man footage I’ve been posting:

Wildly Popular ‘Iron Man’ Trailer To Be Adapted Into Full-Length Film

The debate on whether or not circumcision is necessary rages on, in my mind the health benefits can not be denied and it is more aesthetically pleasing. Call me biased. But that information is out there, so who says that our school systems are not doing their jobs?:

How do I perform a at home sircumsishun?

Okay… I’ve talked about how much I loved the books Flatland and Spaceland, this video takes those concepts and based on another book expands them all the way through to the 10th dimension. By the end of this video your brain will hurt… but I find it absolutely fascinating:


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