WTF Estonia?

April 22, 2008

I’m going to be really busy the next couple of weeks… in and out of the office with auditions and what not (I’m not expecting anything to come of it other than connections and face-time, but I’m going to be meeting some really cool/powerful people, so keep your fingers crossed for me)… as a result I may be posting at odd times… there may not be as much hilarity as always… but I’ve saved some good things to tide you over, I may even put some stuff together and schedule it to post itself!  Technology!

I have no words:

Priest missing after floating away with party balloons

There is nothing better than watching a home shopping network personality make a complete and total ass of themselves… I hadn’t seen most of these… I think the delusional horse moth guy is my favorite:

7 Greatest Home Shopping Screw-up of all time

I actually had my mom mail me a whole bunch of my old legos a couple of years ago.  Not surprising that I’m a big child but… seriously… sometimes I get nostalgic and I like to play with my legos:

Intricate, massive, lego structures

I’ve posted a collection like this before, but there are some new ones in here:

Inappropriately named businesses

Okay… I couldn’t make it through this entire video… I don’t expect any of you to either… but what the F*#$ is going on in Estonia?!?!  Is this chubby guys behavior with the child in any way shape or form appropriate?  For Chrissakes there is an entire audience of people in party hats… someone do something.  Unless of course this is some bizarre Estonian Pedophilic Eyes Wide Shut party.  Jesus!  I am disturbed!:

C’mon… what’s going on today?!?  These must be produced in Estonia… I know nothing of that place but I’ve decided to hate on them today:

Animal genitalia dildoes

What do you want to bet that “slicker,” Minnie left him for was from Estonia… bastard:

Mickey Mouse considers suicide

Texas is the Estonia of the United States:

Texas Polygamist Wives Wall Calendar

Officially the worst historical figure death: Herod the Great (runner up Arius: for voiding his own organs), Best Historical death: In my sure to be contested opinion, a tie: Felix Faure for a fatal sexing, and Chrysippus for laughing at a fig eating donkey (it’s not like Judd Aptow was making movies yet).  Seems ridiculous but let’s face it, there are worse ways to go than laughing to death:

Historical Figures who died odd deaths


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