Twisted inside and out

April 23, 2008

As I mentioned yesterday I’m going to be out of the office a bit the next two days because I have some pretty good opportunities arising in the media industry. I still might as well be at square one. See for those of you not in the know about how this acting thing works is you have to audition to be cast in something. You have to have a special card to get you into certain auditions, how does one get this card you may ask… easy… by being cast in a show that you need a card to get into the auditions. Sound impossible. Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous.

There is an audition on Friday for a play coming to Broadway called Orphans, with two roles that are kinda perfect for me. The lead in the show has already been cast with Al Pacino in the lead. The audition is at least being held at Telsey which is a casting office and not at the building that I can’t even get into without a card. So my only shot at getting in is to go and sign up and hope that they see people without cards, which is a rarity, but if it does happen it usually because you sat there all day and waited patiently… which I can’t do on Friday because I will be at a network reading for some suits. Such is my life.

As if that wasn’t enough. There is a storm. It is a violent storm set to reek havoc on all it touches. This storm is inside me. I don’t know what I ate… but dear lord in heaven above make this stop. It’s been a turbulent morning. I’d feel kinda gross for even bringing this up but then I remembered Everyone Poops, in fact I recently found out that Everything Poops. (As I’ve mentioned before, I know some women who find that word detestable, but it ain’t my fault, that’s the name of the book) I got Ginger Ale and pepto for breakfast, so we’ll see how that goes. Again, I am sorry if I offended anyone’s delicate sensibilities.

Something I posted a long time ago… when campaigning for this election started, back in aught-five I think. But it’s good to throw here again just so you can help cut through the BS. Turns out I should be voting for exactly who I thought I was going to be voting for:

Who should you vote for?

I am too impressed by the sets and costumes to not put this clip here for everyone to see… A romantic sub-plot deleted scene from the original Star Wars:

No wonder I had such issues with Estonia yesterday, they’re all blotto on 2 dollar pints. How do I know? I can tell you how much a pint of beer is just about anywhere:

Pint Price

I hadn’t looked at this site in forever… for some reason I thought of it today… there is something so satisfying about watching stick figures get hurt really bad… some of the animations are actually quite impressive:

Stick Figure Death Theater

I’m surprised they didn’t latch on to the trend of making “darker,” and “feasible,” versions of characters… not that I’m knocking the practice… I’m actually quite pleased:

Pointless laws all comic book movies follow

Ahh, the NFL draft… only 3 and a half months to pre-season… the world is right again:

The worst drafting choices of the modern era

It’s time for a trip to the surreal… with… Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man… and Cream:

I’m glad someone is checking on that Martha Stewart. Sneaky one she is:

Counting Martha’s Threadcount

I have come to a point in my internet exploring life where no fetish will ever shock me again. I barely batted an eyelash when I found this:

Poorly photo shopped models being squeezed by snakes

Remember when Arsenio Hall used to do, “things that make you go hmm…?” No. You’re all too young to remember that. Well… this is like that, written by copywriter Justin Feinstein these are analogies to live by:

Blank is like Blank


2 Responses to “Twisted inside and out”

  1. panda said

    A storm…. really. Blister, blister, BLISTER!!!!!!!!

  2. Tim said

    I’m kinda still reeling from Estonia.
    Sorry to hear your butt’s sad.

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