Movie Day

April 25, 2008

You know how when the teacher was sick… they would come in to work and declare a movie day? That’s what this is… welcome to movie day.

I don’t know if this is the true story… I kinda doubt it… but, the story goes Trey Parker and Matt Stone were hired to do a corporate video for Universal after they were bought by Seagram’s in 1995. The result is the best corporate video ever… tons of cameos including within the first two minutes, Steven Speilberg bashing the Jaws ride at Universal Studios (here it is in 2 parts):

Ladies and gentleman… I present to you Tommy Seebach with… Apache:

Since anyone old enough to remember him, probably doesn’t understand computers and can’t navigate to this site anyway… I thought I should expose you all to a comedy legend… I give you Ernie Kovacs as “Mr.Science”:

It’s shocking how many things are socially acceptable or at the very least seem normal when you’re in a pool that aren’t so much when you’re not:

Mr. Rogers, you filthy bitch:

And finally… though it is probably being taken down as we speak… Eddie Murphy RAW in it’s entirety (I can’t embed this one so you’ll have to go elsewhere to watch it):

Eddie Murphy RAW


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