The calm after the storm

April 28, 2008

So I spent most of the weekend contorted into a little crampy ball. I am back at work today. At about 85% of myself. I gotta say I’ve mentally checked out of life this morning. Well, life as I currently know it. I have a chance at a couple of jobs this week (not interviews per se, but opportunities) that might afford me the chance to get away from the day job I’m currently at. I’ll be honest, if one of these doesn’t pan out… I really might disappear for a day and spend it crying. I’m not ashamed to admit that.  I was in a room last night where at one point I just spun in a circle and saw Morgan Freeman, Denis Leary, Frances McDormand, Steve Martin, Lorne Michaels, Mike Nichols, Amy Adams.  It was kind of ridiculous, the wattage in that room.  I am feeling more and more like I’m standing on the wrong side of the fence so to speak.  It’s time for me hop over.

Even this… this blog… it was a nice experiment I guess… I’ve posted now for an entire year. Starting on the myspace blog and recently moving here. 5 days a week for 365 days… over 3,000 links… over 30,000 hits… now I don’t know… it might just be over… I don’t have the energy… it might just be how I’m feeling today… I’m going through a rough one. I still don’t feel great, I miss my girlfriend, I really don’t want to be at this desk anymore, my coffee tastes horrible, I’m not even speaking to anyone in my office, I guess we’ll see how all this pans out. Until I figure it all out, it’ll be business as usual.

I guess it’s just a sign that I’m getting older that I no longer agree with half the picks on lists like this. I mean come on! Where is Valerie Bertinelli? Where is Chynna Wilson? Who is this Megan Fox girl?

FHM 100 Hottest Women of 2008

I would embed this, but as my friend Maddog says, my blog is like the Wu Tang Clan, it’s for the kids. I actually talked about this song a long time ago, but now it has an official video so it’s worth mentioning again since it’s a soon to be classic R&B ballad:

Smell Yo Dick

See, this is more wholesome, Miss Piggy… singing that classic by Peaches, “Fuck the Pain Away.”:

Now I know why computers come with 15 USB ports these days… my lame ass computer only has 3… how can I be expected to choose which crappy device to buy?:

10 Useless USB powered devices

Thank god for this website, it has been giving me lists that are basically suggestions for my netflix cue for quite some time now. There are some things on here that I can’t believe I’ve missed:

35 Most disgusting scenes from horror films

To balance that out… I’ve never been a fan of teen dramas, but I am a fan of their stars, especially when they try to tarnish their teen drama image by going topless:

10 Best topless scenes by teen drama stars

I used to call Innerspace, “the guy inside a guy movie,” which I see know can be horribly misinterpreted:

Movies through a child’s eyes

The first 30 seconds of this there is no video, but it kicks in… the first time this much THC has been on stage since Thomas Hayden Church accepted his nomination for Sideways (I’ll give you a second)… Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg duet:

If poisoning your body like the 74 year old country star and the 6’4″ hip hop mogul isn’t your bag… try some of these to get into their groove:

7 Common foods that actually get you high

If I could live anywhere, I would totally want to move to Mithlond, that’s the Elvish port town from Lord of the Rings. Those elf chicks are hot, and the place looks totally serene and beautiful. (My geek quotient just went up another 5 points):

8 Fictional cities you wouldn’t want to live in

I remember feeling like this on several occasions in my life, but I never followed through as well with the reaction:

What not to do when she says she has a boyfriend


4 Responses to “The calm after the storm”

  1. erik said

    well. i would like for you not to stop the blog, as i look forward to it, to the point of checking it on weekends, just in case. but i understand blog-overload. i only really write twice a month or so anymore…

  2. Tim said

    Well, I understand the burnout. It’s a lot of responsibility and a lot of work – which perhaps we, your readers, don’t appreciate fully. Plus, I know you need more time in the basement to father the children of your captive daughter. I mean, that’s gotta be a full time job. Priorities, man. Priorities.

  3. Provider said

    Well, if you feel that you would need to scale back the blog, for the sake of your well being, many would understand. I do look forward to reading the little ‘blurbs’ about what’s going on with you in New York. I truly appreciate your blog. This leads me to ask the question; Is a blurb a little blog? How many blurbs does it take to make a blog? Couldn’t you just give your blurb steroids to make it look like a blog? Then again, would a blog on steroids get more hits?
    Should congress investigate?
    Hey, you know, an email every once in while would be just as good. At least that way I wouldn’t have to decide what links to open.
    Take a break! You sound like you need one.

    Oh! Even I knew who Megan Fox was, err, is.
    She was the oldest daughter on Kelly Ripa’s “Faith and Hope” TV show. She was also the girl in “Transformers”
    Wasn’t EVERYONE overpaid for “Transformers”?

    …And since I feel I was tricked by the trailers to see “Transformers” I will not be tricked into seeing “Speed Racer” even though the son on “Hope and Faith” is in it.

    I guess the the first step is “get a TV show”.

  4. Provider said

    Wait a minute!!!

    In your basement? Father children?

    Should I get cigars?

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