A little here and there

April 30, 2008

I won’t leave you with nothing people… don’t worry… busy busy today… so here’s a little to tide you over.

I’m turning all my dollars into Mr.Peanut dollars. Awesome:

Re-facing money

This guy wrote a book about when he was on the game show Jeopardy but I’m putting his blog here because he put pictures from his trip to Chile up where he encountered the worlds smallest deer species and my new favorite animal name to say:

Pudu Pudu

I’ve never done acid… but man… maybe I should look into it, it certainly kept him going:

Albert Hofmann father of LSD dead today at 102

And this will kill some time provided you can watch video… I love this guy… they just interviewed him for Time magazine or something… I’ve linked to a few of his videos before but now he has a whole bunch.. they crack me up and are informative:

You suck at photo shop


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