Saturday Video Post

May 31, 2008

Just for fun… video post.

Weezer launched this video on the internet this month and I’m fairly certain everyone has seen it by now, but in case you haven’t, it’s a good song and there are cameos from just about every internet “celebrity,” you can think of. (Glad to see the Numa Numa kid hasn’t changed at all):

The best ‘crank call’ in the history of crank calls… I wish I could do this to every telemarketer ever:

I really have been neglecting Liberty City… not to be too romantic about it but when I watch this stunt montage I know that GTA IV is home waiting for me and I smile:

Speaking of video games… here’s a classic… what these guys did with it though is technically impressive to me… for all I know it can be done on a video toaster… but I think it looks pretty damn good:

F’ the iphone… google may be replacing big brother and all, but you gotta admit their tech is cool. If anyone wants to buy me a the Google Android phone… feel free:

Finally for your Saturday enjoyment… No Country For Gay Men:

No Country For Gay Men


May 30, 2008

Well, Lost happened last night… in the interest of those who have DVR/Tivo’d it and not watched yet… I will refrain from talking about it just yet.  I am happy with where they are going with it.

I still haven’t received my Bush money… as per my social security number it won’t be til the end of next month.  I’m still waiting to hear back on that one job… I’m having another one of those weeks at work where I can’t believe how much I put up with for how little I make.  C’est la vie.

I may have another just for fun video clip post for tomorrow… sorry I didn’t have much to say up top yesterday or today… I think that happens when I’m long winded on a Wednesday.   I’ve been kinda busy working on the next dare project.  If you’re in New York, come on by Wednesday night… two shows 7_30 and 9:30 make your reservations at

Given Joe Montana’s love of the drink… his daughter is likely to be a party girl… and bonus… she’s really hot:

10 Hottest sports figure daughters

In the interest of compare and contrast with the above… It’s fascinating how this works… it seems to me that the uglier the rock stars the hotter the daughters:

Hot rock star spawn

There was an episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullsh*t where they convinced several people to have snail trail facials… the idea of having birdpoo smeared on my face is actually more preposterous than that:

9 Terrifying beauty tips

Every list like this I find includes the beat up Aryan guy and the guy that looks like Beavis… this one has my new favorite… guy who was picked up for drug paraphernalia (how did they guess?!)… :

20 Odd Mugshots

Phil Hartman is one of those actors who I had always hoped I would get the chance to work with, he and Chris Farley really hit me hard:

7 Most tragic SNL deaths

Thanks to Tim for bringing this one to my attention, he also states, “…Both Obama and McCain need to come out with a plan for what we’re gonna do about robots and their telepathic monkey overlords…”


I’m far removed from the age where you are allowed to think farts are funny… and yet… :

10 Celebrity farts caught on camera (By the look on Regis’ face, I’m pretty sure he shit himself)

I’m all down with rating action franchises… but with only 2 “good” movies I wouldn’t have put Spiderman in the top 5 and I certainly wouldn’t have called it, “The Spiderman.”:

Top 20 action franchises

In college we used to drop Jolly Ranchers into our vodka… but this sounds like it would work nicely, I am a little skeptical of his Rolo vodka claim however:

How to make Skittle flavored vodka

Among other things… having Bruce Springsteen and Tony Danza finally decide who is boss… is inspired:

Shit America Needs

Everytime you re-load the page you get a new picture, the rules state that you are supposed to say, “Om nom nom nom!” to yourself as each picture pops up. Stupid yes. A waste of time definitely:

Nothing I say can prepare you for this:

Vagina bike


May 29, 2008

You know that commercial for Disney where the little kid says, “We’re too excited to sleep?”

Oh, I found it… this one:

Isn’t that kid adorable… anyway… my point is… I’m too excited to write anything meaningful today… tonight is the season finale of LOST.  So I’m just going to move right on to the webstuff… I’ll be more useful tomorrow.

Finally something to replace that 3d spinning flower… a Paul Rudd talking screensaver:
Paul Rudd Screensaver

How do the Jets and the Sharks not make this list? I mean really? If I was gonna have to fight a gang, I would want to go up against one that snaps and does barrel turns:

8 Least intimidating gangs in film history

It always nice to see a human interest story that doesn’t exploit a child with a debilitating birth defect:

Ass for a face

Next time you go on vacation, make sure you pack one of these… they love them at the airport:

Cameras that look like guns

Finally a show that will be worth the inflated Broadway ticket prices:

Sam Jackson on Broadway

Dear lord… Rich… I apologize… I realized this is a heightened version of me… I’m so very very sorry:

Backseat gamer

What if advertisers cursed in their ads… I think it would be awesome… click this f’n bacon ad to check more of these mo’fo’s out:

Michael Jackson was an amazing dancer… there’s no denying that… but he did have influences among them (and a direct influence for Smooth Criminal) was Fred Astaire as evidenced by this mash-up of Jacksons music with footage from The Band Wagon:

This is exactly what you think it is:

Cunt Coloring Book

Looks like we have to find another way to describe something as being impossible because this one has been busted:

How to nail Jell-o to the wall

This may come as a shock to you but … your doctors hate you:

Terms your doctor uses to insult you

For all those who have recently voiced their complaints about Indian Joe… I still enjoyed the movie… admittedly it was because I am still just happy to see an Indiana Jones movie, it’s by far not the best of the quadrilogy but damn it, it was a fine movie:

18 Things I’ve learned from Indiana Jones

Who loves ya baby?

May 28, 2008

I’m afraid I’m in one of those introspective thinking about aspects of life moods… so if you hate it when I wax philosophical just skip down to the silly shit.

I went through a phase in college where I was obsessed with Nietzsche. When I get in these moods I still think about his, Beyond Good and Evil. I’m well aware that it is ridiculously pompous and erudite to reference it… but sorry that’s where I am now. Humans are capable of inflicting such damages upon each other while at the same time can bestow great benefits. Is altruism always the first choice? Of course not, we all know some evil sonsabitches. We’re all wandering through this world looking for validation and the people that give it to us are the people we gravitate towards. The greatest people… the people that we all wish we could be… those are the ones who bestow that validation without any apparent desire for benefit in return. There aren’t a lot of those… Mother Theresa… Bruce Willis in Armageddon… everyone is looking for something.

Sex and money. Those are the two big validations. If someone is willing to sleep with you, that means they find you attractive and charming and interesting and desirable. When I get paid to do comedy it’s a validation of my sense of humor, when a stripper gets paid it’s a validation of their attractiveness, when a soldier gets a medal it’s a validation of their bravery. There is a problem with all of these, because we’ve all seen unfunny comedians on television, we’ve all seen unattractive strippers who still make a living at it, and we’ve all read stories about soldiers who get medals undeservedly. So what are we to do? Human beings are an insecure lot.

It seems to me that the only thing that means anything to me are the people that I love, and that love me. Which would mean they’re biased but they also know the real me. When my close friends tell me I’m funny… it really means something, they think I’m genuinely funny. When my girlfriend tells me I’m handsome she really means it, she’s seen me look my worst and she still thinks that… much more meaningful than the girl at the bar who tells me I’m hot. Well of course I am, I spent some time getting ready, gelling the hair, wearing nice clothes, plus you’re drunk and want to get laid. My girl has seen me naked with crumbs on my chest and she still thinks I’m beautiful and she knows she’ll get laid regardless… so there is no ulterior motive.

I dunno… I was just thinking that we’d all be happier and better off if we just trusted the people closest to us. I’ve spent far too much of my life worrying about what strangers thought about me and in the career that I’ve chosen for myself that is sometimes important, but you can’t go around basing your self worth on those opinions. Those of you who are closest to me… thank you for knowing me and still thinking I’m cool… well… occasionally.

For those of you who don’t know… last year I played the tinman… as in the Wizard of Oz tinman:

Maybe that’s why I find this hysterical:

You gotta thank google for taking big brothers reins and keeping an eye on all of us at all times:

Best images captured by google street

This is weird and kinda pointless but… you have to give people credit for having some kind of skill… all I can do is eat food:

Food sculptures

There is nothing that can’t be improved by upgrading it to jet-engine power:

7 Unnecessarily jet-engine powered vehicles

Hey, we all make mistakes… but most of us don’t get paid what these guys do:

Top 10 “own goals” in sports

I’m not going to blame my lifetime cynicism completely on comic book ads but I am still a little steamed about my monkey in a teacup:

Comic book ads that taught us to be cynical

Also to blame our the promises made by cereal boxes and their prizes inside… they were never what I expected… which makes sense now that I watch as an adult what they used to pump into my head as a child… (side note: And do they still make Alphabits… that was my jam!):

10 Trippiest cereal commercials

Let’s be real… nothing will ever top more cowbell:

SNL’s best music related sketches

I used to think cell phones were the work of the devil… truth is… cell phones are actual demons sent from hell to ruin our lives… you want proof… check out the revelatory properties of a microwave:

You know what ladies… you think you’re soooooo important to us… guess what? You’re not… we can totally get by without you… just look at the cornucopia of things we can use in your absence:

Things men have been caught humping

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this article or articles similar to it before, but it still blows my mind… I can picture a film coming out in the year 2175 about war hero George W. Bush:

11 Movies saved by historical inaccuracies

All Memorialed out

May 27, 2008

It was quite a weekend kids… 3 days off and 3 days of debauchery… well not really debaucherous… but definitely a lot of drinking.  It was Memorial Day weekend… it had to be done.

It was nice having my girl in town all weekend… (Yes, Ms. Maralyn…  🙂  I’m being good…) we went to Basurero one day and had margaritas and odd Colombian foods.  We laid out in the Socrates sculpture garden one afternoon, and yesterday walked around a street fair most of the day.  It’s that last thing that turned out to be a mistake.  The back of neck is so sunburned that when I stepped into the shower and the water hit the back of my neck I let out a yelp as if someone had just stepped on my testicles.

It was all worth it because I got to eat 2 whole street fair corn on the cobs… I got some new shoes, and I got to sing at the street fair and stupidly sign a release so that it may be broadcast on Queens public access… my embarrassment shall live on for friends to flip channels past.

I’m going to kick today off with this… it’s not a link… frankly, I don’t know what it is… I just wanted to share it:

Things just seem more beautiful in slow motion… by things, I mean people getting punched in the face…:

Punched in the face in slo-mo montage

Don’t get me wrong, punching in the face is so cool it doesn’t have to be in slow motion to be awesome:

Top 10 Movie Fights

If you’ve eaten recently or plan on eating soon… you might want to skip this one… the first picture of the finished product is actually kind of pretty… it’s the process that’ll “scar you for life.”:

Scar tattoo

Just like the Japanese are a few decades behind us on fashion trends, monkeys have now reached the 80s in terms of gaming:

Why watch TV when you can look at pictures of TV:

What’s on TV?

In case you have some issues you need to work out and watching all the Saw movies back to back doesn’t do it for you… feel free to torture this guy and work out that aggression:


Now that we’ve covered the violence portion of the day… let’s follow that up with the sex… a good combo for the borderline psychopaths that visit my page:

Top 10 topless redheads in film

Sometimes they get right up to the release before turning a good film into a piece of crap:

5 Awesome movies ruined by last minute changes

Ah… Kids in the Hall… Seussify the bible… those crazy Canadians:

Despite closing early today at 2 my day in the office today is going to feel like a full week. As I write this, the clock flips to 10 am on the nose. Four hours… that’s all… just gotta get through it. Rehearsal tonight for Dare and then Dani gets back semi-permanently from tour. All of that… if I can just get through 4 hours. This is going to be a LOT harder than anyone can imagine. Wish me luck.

See you again on Tuesday… enjoy the weekend!

Mmmmm…. (leave it to Tim to bring this to my attention)

The incredible edible anus

As if that wasn’t disturbing enough… how about examining the global and historical reach of one vagina:

Six degrees of Paris Hilton’s vagina

All right… today has taken a turn for the perverse.. and I apologize… maybe it’s the long weekend, maybe it’s the moon, I don’t know… but everything popping up in my suggestion box seems to be this questionable so that’s what I’m posting today… sorry:

Sex with cars: A tutorial

Ok… let’s come out of the swamp… here’s a quiz I can get behind… in fact… it may even come in handy at a barbecue this weekend:

Beer slogan quiz

This can’t be real… it just can’t… but if it is… these are dating videos from the 80s and someone needs to find Mr.Castle for me and tell me what he’s doing with his life… because that guy is the inspiration for Dwight Schrute and he’s owed some money:

I got 8 out of 30… but then again I’m not a 14 year old:

Chat room acronyms

I wish I was a 14 year old… well more like 17… here’s the thing… some kid just got arrested for posting nude pictures of his 16 year old girlfriend on the internet. He too is 16 but it’s still illegal. He got the pictures from her because she took them on her cell phone and send them to him. Fuck! I was born at the wrong time. When I was in high school we didn’t have cell phones and if we wanted to see a boob we hate to squint our eyes at the squiggly lines on Cinemax unless we lucked upon a free weekend. Kids today have their whore girlfriends making videos with their webcams and sending them shots on their cellphones. Not fair! Even prom for fucksake! My prom date wore a burkha compared to what girls are wearing to prom today:

Prom fashion 1950s – present

If you’re ever thinking about breaking any records, you can’t do worse than having one for the longest something or other… here’s a jumping off point for you:

Longest list of the longest stuff

I recently introduced my friend Tim to LOLCats, I thought everyone had been aware of them for a while… I was however shocked to find during the introduction that they have a canine counterpart:

Fail dogs

An interesting idea but I don’t think it will happen:

Who should Obama choose as his running mate?

A collection of how to draw the Simpsons videos, everyone from Homer to donut-head Homer:

Drawing the Simpsons

Finally before I bid you all adieu to go to your various BBQ events around the city… I leave you with an inspiring piece, close to my heart:

Pandas rescued after China earthquake

Indiana Jones

May 22, 2008

It finally got here… you know how little kids get excited about things too far in advance… like Christmas or a vacation?  They are just bubbling over for weeks in anticipation of the event.  By the time the opening credits were rolling the grin on my face hurt it had been plastered there so long.  It stayed on til the very end of the film too.  This is not to say it didn’t have problems.  It did, but nothing that tarnished the idea of Indy.

One person I was with didn’t like it at all.  There will be people that don’t.  I guessed what the MacGuffin was and I thought I’d have been pissed about it but it turned out to be perfect.  The fact is this one fits tonally with the others in the series.  The problem I think people will have with it will stem from the fact that the mythology behind the MacGuffin is familiar to us all.  A MacGuffin like the Sankara stones from Temple of Doom you just accept that these stones have power and are important and you go on the journey.  This time you come in with baggage because we’re in territory we’re all familiar with and both George and Steven have covered before.  Lot’s of people see Jim Broadbent’s line in the film, “We have reached the age when life stops giving us things and starts taking them away,” as a reflection of our fond memories from childhood being replaced by this film.  I prefer to quote Shia LaBeouf’s Mutt, “It’s just a thing.”  God knows I made up enough stories about Indiana Jones when I was a kid.  I starred in my own Indiana Jones adventures and those are still with me.  This is just one more story to add to our own personal Indiana Jones canon.  It was a good time, I didn’t want it to be over, I didn’t want to say goodbye to Indy.

If you love the character as much as I do, it shouldn’t be hard to allow yourself to live in that child like wonder you had when seeing the first films.  Sure there’s the occasional faulty bit of dialog or CGI monkey that kills a little piece of you but overall this one has everything that made you fall in love with Henry Jones Jr. to begin with.  And now my attempt to be quoted in the ads… Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a thrilling adventure I didn’t want to end.

In case you were wondering why I’ve been so jazzed about Indy, here’s why I went and saw it last night at midnight:

10 Character defining moments of Indiana Jones

So You Think You Can Dance starts tonight. I am not ashamed to admit… I’m very excited. In honor of that here’s some a classic version of people getting served:

There is a clip within this article from a movie called Zeta One, it’s 70’stastic!:

Greatest Sci-Fi Dominatrixes (dominatrixees? dominatrixi?)

These are fun and nostalgic… and if you’re an uber geek like me you actually use these to create a skin for your character on Rainbow Six. Seriously, if it’s black and white your character comes out with a bluish hue, but I ran around sniping terrorists as Frank Sinatra… awesome? Yes:

Vintage mug shots

Adam West. Adam West. Adam West:

5 Best Mayor West clips

I’m flabbergasted… did you know you can actually make porn better by photoshopping out the naughty bits??:

Porn no more

Athletes… typically not the greatest actors, with the exception of Brian Bosworth of course… so these are hard to come by:

10 Best athlete sketches on SNL

For someone who doesn’t even own a watch, I’m obsessed with cool watch designs like these:

Tokyo flash

I managed to begin lower the national debt, and push away the eventual collapse of our economy… I did pretty good… so I will be running for president in 2032:

Be a budget hero

One more in honor of So You Think You Can Dance starting tonight… This guy isn’t, “half bad.” In fact, I would say he’s, “all right,” except he’s literally the opposite of that… okay… I’ll stop with the bad puns:

A nap is in order

May 21, 2008

Last night I went straight from work to rehearsal to an audition. I got called for a callback that I can’t go to… but it’s no sweat… they understand… because today I go straight from work to see November on Broadway and then to a movie. Tomorrow it straight from work to rehearsal for the next dare project. I will hopefully have a minute to breathe by sometime next Tuesday. I am tired and emotionally unstable right now so forgive me if I seem a bit off.

Welcome to, “plugging a friend corner”… My good friend and frequent commenter Tim Sheridan will join legendary cinematographer Dean Cundey (“Halloween,” “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”), Stan Winston Studios SFX Guru Shane Mahan, Maggie Lehman, and host Regan Burns in a chit-chat about Jurassic Park.

It’s a movie-wrap show, so AMC will show the film and keep cutting back to their chat between segments of the movie and around commercial breaks.

It’s on tomorrow night – Thursday 5/22 AT 8PM EDT (5pm PDT) so set your DVR devices.

In other news… Indiana Jones opens tomorrow!!! I’m seeing the movie tonight at midnight. I’ll let you know what I thought tomorrow… but for today…

I’ve always played this game but called it Fuck, Marry or Kill… this is nicer… it’s clean, it rhymes:

Bed, Wed, or Dead? The women of Indiana Jones

It’s important that what put an end to this in a scientific manner… who’s tougher?:

Indiana Jones or Han Solo

After Indy… Tropic Thunder is quickly becoming the movie that I will be speed dancing to the movie house to see the day it comes out… the last moment of this red band trailer is worth the price of admission:

These are amazing. In case you go to a foreign country and someone really pisses you off you’re going to want to know how to tell them off (I laughed so hard I cried at some of these… though it might just be because as I said I’m particularly tired and emotionally unstable right now):

Devastating insults from around the world

This is absolutely not safe for you to watch at work… it’s not sane for you to watch anywhere… but it would be gross negligence to not link to what may be the strangest thing to come out of Japan. (if you follow my blog, you know that is saying a lot) What we have here is a 3inch tall man receiving fellatio from a normal size woman… I really don’t know what else to say…:

Giantess porn

They go together like peanut butter and chocolate:

100 Celebrity drug busts

It’s a miracle of miracles that I am not a part of this countdown… God knows I’ve felt this way often enough… my self-control has kept me in check however barely:

10 Office freak-outs

I’ve seen bad tattoos before, but never as awesomely bad as these. I love Bob Barker to but… c’mon:

Bad Tattoo gallery

This would have been helpful in high school, or college, or when I lived somewhere where I had need to take cars… but for all of you, just so there’s no more fighting:

The official rules of calling shotgun

Just one more thing that can be waved about in a football vs. soccer argument… sure Tony Romo just broke up with Jessica Simpson, and Gisele and Bridget Moynahan both got a piece of Brady… but this list proves soccer is the sport to play:

50 Hottest soccer WAGs (WAG by the way stands for Wives and Girlfriends)

Of course I’ll watch it:

250th Blog post

May 20, 2008

It seems like just yesterday that I decided to start blogging. Here we are 250 posts later. What has changed? Not much. The internet is still awash with stupidity for me to pass along.

I was at the American Theatre Wing Gala last night til late… the only person I knew at all (aside from celebrities) was this guy Taylor who had done Suessical with Dani (he says hi by the way).  He was a guest of one of the entertainers.  Everyone looked fantastic, Patrick Stewart, Leslie Uggums, Jerry Herman, David Hyde Pierce, Laura Benanti, Martha Plimpton… and my new Broadway crush, Hannah Waddingham.  She’s playing the Lady of Lake in Spamalot right now and last night she was stunning!  Point is… I’m dragging ass this morning even after that I didn’t get good sleep… lot of tossing and turning lately.  But I won’t let that get in the way of the festivities.

Over the past 249 posts I’ve always tried to bring you useful information… like this:

How many cannibals could your body feed?

For the occasion I was going to rent a tux, but I couldn’t get this one in time:

Bacon scented bacon tuxedo

Because as much as I am over her… for the most part… you have to admit that for a while she was the hottest thing in the world… and these are all from that bygone era:

10 Hottest Angelina Jolie topless scenes

Perfect for this anniversary, a video that sums up the mentality, maturity, and sense of humor of this blog… 34 Nut shots in 31 seconds:

It is mandatory that there be at least one Indy related link in each post this week. This quiz fulfills that requirement:

Indy artifact or Pier 1 import

I enjoy Steve Carell and this is a good list of Steve moments… but… they left out the waiters who are nauseated by food:

10 Funniest Steve Carell moments

Since they left it out… I’ve gotta to put it here… it’s easily one of my faves:

250 posts… I’ve accomplished so much… I should be proud… I mean few people do something this important and I’m not even deep into my thirties yet… I’m going to go curl into fetal position and weep now:

8 Child prodigies that make me feel like an ass

This is why my clothes don’t fit:

Food portions 1998 and today

I love cult cinema. There was a book called the Psychotronic Film guide that listed a whole bunch of cult films… everything from Nosferatu to Santa Claus Conquers the Martians… fortunately someone has found a bunch of them and made them available to watch or download online:

Cult cinema classics

I remember the fly and the defibrillator commercial, but the others were new to me… and all quite brilliant… kudos Ameriquest:

Wedding Ducks

May 19, 2008

I attended a beautiful wedding ceremony on Saturday… dare I say the most beautiful one I’ve ever been to.  (Apologies to those whose weddings I’ve attended who might be reading this)  There were actually two ceremonies.  One outside in a public park near the Cloisters.  The second inside was a traditional Korean wedding ceremony.  The bride and groom looked amazing and couldn’t be more in love.  I wept.  I did.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  The coolest thing about the Korean wedding ceremony has to be the wedding ducks.  The bride and groom receive two ornate wooden ducks which live in their home and face each other.  If you are mad at your spouse you turn your duck away from the other to let them know that you are upset with them.  It’s nice because you know where you stand, you work it out and then turn your duck back around.  Nice.

The rest of my weekend was spent with Dani who has been on tour and was in town for the weekend.  We didn’t do anything exciting just kinda hung out and spent time with each other.  That’s really my favorite thing to do… just watch a movie, order pancakes and do stupid stuff together.  I’m easy to please.

I don’t know what time my special Saturday post posted itself, but for those of you that stopped by to check it out… you’re welcome. 🙂

Hey, Nature! Stop making weird ass animals that look like they just left PeeWee’s Playhouse… seriously animals should not come in these colors:

National Geographic DayGlo Snails

Turns out I am smart as Indy’s bullwhip with a score of 8/10… after McCain’s appearance on SNL this weekend in which he was very funny… I’m starting to think he could’ve played Indy’s dad instead of Connery… nah… :

John McCain or Indiana Jones

Tony nominations were announced last week and shows in are full swing to get the vote. If they really want to win they can’t do any better than hiring this kid:

Cubby Bernstein

Now I’m all about going to see the largest ball of twine in Minnesota but these better not have a hot dog stand outside because no food will stay down long. Just so you know what you’re getting into if you check this link out… there are museums dedicated to birth defects, menstruation, and penises (penii?):

Weird museums

I really should save this one for a related holiday of some kind… hell, it’s Cuba’s birthday tomorrow… that’s close enough:

Top 10 topless Latina actresses

Comic books take risks and go places we’re not likely to see their characters go on the silver screen:

5 Superhero scenes you won’t see in the movies

I challenge you to name more than 1 before looking at this list… Swayze – Roadhouse… that’s it… end of list:

9 Best bouncers from the movies

We all take bad photos sometimes… even beautiful women… but some of them are just too damn beautiful and even when they try to ruin a picture they look good… it makes me a little angry because if I so much as tilt my head 2 degrees in one direction I go from passably attractive to, “Dear Lord! Who let that Tolkien character in the room!”:

Gorgeous women in silly photos

One more reason for me to love Amy Sedaris. She explained to me, “Just what the hell is going on with my genitals.”:

The Japanese, they’ve brought us brilliant game shows and miles upon miles of pornography… this picture encapsulates their culture and complete lack of propriety so beautifully it makes me weep:

Capturing the perfect upskirt shot (don’t worry it’s safe to look at anywhere)

Much like the bouncer list above, I challenge you to name more than one modern day pin-up girl… Dita Von Teese… end of list… not so I say… there are some others who I am now very aware of:

Top 10 Modern day pin-ups

It’s a lot easier than pouring though Frommers guides:

Vacation planning using horror films