Balancing auditions and GTA

May 1, 2008

Back to busy this weekend.  Auditioning for the Fuse network tomorrow.  Shooting a short film Saturday afternoon, have a big callback on Saturday night.  The rest of the weekend looks like this: Grand Theft Auto IV, Ironman, Grand Theft Auto IV.  So as you can see… I’ll be quite busy.

Two weeks until my girl gets back to town (yay), also two weeks until my friend Fred gets married.  Is it weird that I still haven’t come to terms with the fact that I am way beyond the age that it should seem in the least bit odd that friends get married?  Hell, I have divorced friends, friends with 3 kids… I should be used to this by now… but I’m still not.  Anyway… I know I’ve been giving you sparse postings… but I’ll have some good stuff for you tomorrow to give you something to do on the weekend.  Promise.

Forget birthday party clowns, I’m hiring this guy to come to my next party and paint all of my guests with his penis. Not paint “them,” but rather a portrait of them:


I’m not sure how I feel about the Hulk anymore… I’ll cross my fingers for the best… but it has dropped below Hancock in terms of my expectations after this latest trailer:

I had a mullet in middle school… but the tail of mine was curly so I looked like the flying nun it was pretty awful:

15 Best Celebrity mullets

Need fire?  No matches?  Well, you rugged people I’m here for you:

9 Ways to start a fire without matches

This is dirty dirty but… forgive me, it’s out of respect.  Every time an actress’ nipple slipped, any time their camel toed Robb was there to capture it and put it on the web for us to ogle.  Robb Douglass was a pioneer in the celebrity nudity field and he has passed away.  For those of you unfamiliar with his collection… it has just about any celebrity you can name and a picture of them topless, or at the very least showing some cleavage.  RIP Robb:

Robb’s Celebs

You’ve got to give Fox News credit, they certainly over estimated the power of an African American man in 1858:

Lincoln-Douglas debates


3 Responses to “Balancing auditions and GTA”

  1. Panda said

    Two weeks!! Two weeks………….. sweeeeeeet.

  2. Fred said

    Two weeks!! Two weeks………… (blink, blink)

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