Boeing Boeing

May 2, 2008

Saw Boeing Boeing last night.  It was the invited press show so I’m sure nerves were flying and I’ll admit until about twenty minutes in I was thinking… “this is not going well.”  Then Mary McCormack (who has elevated my crush on her tenfold) walks in and jolts the entire show and the rest of the cast to life.  Mark Rylance had been nominated for an Olivier (the British Tony) for his role and it’s easy to see why.  His physical comedy was superb and his portrayal of a friendly Wisconsin-ite was spot on.  Christine Baranski who I expected to adore was probably my least favorite, at times she even seemed to be struggling with the lines, though her character is also the least fleshed out in the writing so I don’t blame her entirely.  Bradley Whitford was solid and at moments brilliant but again I blame the show itself, I think he made the most of what was on the page.  Kathryn Hahn grew on me, I didn’t love her in her first scene but when she appeared again she seemed to have dropped in and delivered some memorable moments.  Last but not least, Gina Gershon.  A lot of people are quick to dismiss her because her resume includes Showgirls, and Face/off, but you gotta believe me, this girl has got chops.  She plays the Italian stewardess with a jealous streak and shockingly made me pay attention to her words when I was expecting to come in and drool over her for two hours.  It was easily better than Catered Affair which is playing across the street and I don’t think you’ll leave disappointed.  You’ll have a good time, but quite possibly be unable to explain just what it is you enjoyed so much.  It’s one of those cases where you have to say, don’t over think it, you’re smiling, accept it.

Some of these make just as much sense as intelligent design, creationism, or a spaghetti monster:

Cool theories of evolution from sci-fi

I know I post a lot of questionable links, you know titties and what not… but believe it or not I am cultured and well read… in fact … I’ve actually thought about reading most of these books:

50 Best cult books

How embarrassing would it be to die and then realize you should’ve called ahead? Thankfully someone thought enough to ease your mind of that worry:

Reserve a spot in heaven

And… just in case you’re pretty sure that’s not where you’ll end up:

Reserve a spot in hell

That’s where I’ll be reserving my spot… because I find things like this hilarious… (in my defense it’s because it reminds me of WInnie the Pooh)… fat kid stuck in hole:

That’s right… I’m number 1155. Holla!:

The Million Blog List

The stupidity of consumers as a whole never ceases to amaze me. The fact that someone is making money off of an ipod teeth whitening system boggles the mind:

Useless ipod accessories

I read this article in Maxim a couple of weeks ago… thankfully they’ve put it up online. If for some reason you haven’t seen the movie True Romance… I am no longer your friend until you put it on your netflix, go to blockbuster, or movie gallery or hollywood video, whatever you have there… just see it:

15 Year Anniversary of True Romance

In honor of Ironman this weekend:

7 Best Robot Chicken superheroes

This was clearly shot in a dorm, and it’s good to know that our education system isn’t keeping kids busy enough so they have the free time to practice stupid (but admittedly, pretty cool) shit like sinking ping pong balls into cups:

Amazing ping pong shots

I know those gory lists aren’t most peoples cup of tea (or is it peoples “cups”?), but here’s a list that everyone can enjoy all weekend long:

50 Funniest movie scenes of all time

All right… I’m outta here early today… gotta run to audition for the Fuse network, then either go see Ironman, play GTA, or watch Lost from last night.  I know, I lead such an exciting life.


2 Responses to “Boeing Boeing”

  1. Tim said

    This does not get old:

  2. k-did said

    Well said. Thanks again. I needed to just smile and accept it.

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