Bye Da’ Wee

May 7, 2008

I was at the Bide-a-wee ball last night.  For those who don’t know, Bide-a-wee is an animal welfare organization that has been around since 1903.  The guests were all encouraged to bring their pets, there were a few celebrities and surprisingly no incidents.  Unless you count Robin Byrd’s dog trying to hump another dog… which is hilarious if you know Robin Byrd.  I pet Caroline Kennedy’s dog, that was an honor.  That was about it… I was glad when it was over… it had been a long day.  Today is going to be another long day.  I’m upset with myself for not packing a sandwich.  What the hell is that about?  All of a sudden I’m Mr. Rogers.

I was planning on posting a Summer movie guide for everyone last week… but it’s taking me longer to compile than I thought.  So bookmark your browsers and make sure you come back on Friday for THE definitive Summer movie guide.  Great I’ve gone from Mr. Rogers to a shill for my own website.  I’m just awful.

This will make me so happy if it comes to pass (as long as it’s better than that (2nd movie bonus disc) Wake Up, Ron Burgundy:

Anchorman 2

The popobawa is scary enough being a bat-winged, one-eyed, flying ogre. If you add on the idea that he also breaks into mens houses and sodomizes them… well now you have one scary summabitch:

7 Weirdest Mythological Creatures

Now I enjoy a frosty PBR just like the next guy… assuming the next guy isn’t this guy… who REALLY likes his Pabst:

PBR Can Coffin

While they don’t review my personal favorite… the no-name brand kind you can buy in bulk for 49 cents a burrito… this is a good reference point for those of you looking for a better drunken food choice:

Microwave burrito reviews

This is just too interesting to not mention.  The CIA has put one of it’s old handbooks online, it’s written by a guy at the “Center for the Study of Intelligence.”  If you’re bored you can dip in just about anywhere in the book and find some cool stuff:

The Psychology of Intelligence

I can’t explain why when Family Guy focuses on the odd mundane behaviors of human beings it becomes the funniest thing ever… it just does:

I love the logic used, “you have 2 lungs, you should smoke 2 cigarettes.” That’s the kind of thinking that has gotten America where it is today. A nation of asthmatic, obese people with leathery skin and allergies:

Old-timey smoking accessories no one should own

This list should be called… 8 lame superheroes and 2 awesome ones. William Katt… the Greatest American Hero… hello? It’s in the title… “Greatest.” And Captain Planet? Sure he looked a little like the Aquafresh guy… but he’s gonna take pollution down to zero!:

10 Lamest Superheroes

“This is horrible! I’ll just stand here and watch that person die. Sure, I could help, and I am a priest… but oh… I have to go give a sermon on helping those in need five minutes from now… there’s just no time!” … and other reasons humanity is doomed:

6 Depressing Psychology experiments

I have always had a little crush on Isabella Rossellini, so imagine my joy when I heard she did a porn film.  Imagine my confusion when I was told it was a, “green” porn film.  Imagine my disappointment when I found she was dressed as bugs:

Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porn

Here’s one for people who are addicted to Lost like me… this fan has a theory (as we all do) but he has carefully written his out and I have to some of his ideas seem to be pretty spot on and make a lot of sense:

Time Loop Theory


One Response to “Bye Da’ Wee”

  1. Tim said

    Re: LOST — well, we all knew it was a time-travel sitch, but this guy’s rather convoluted theory is troubling from a storytelling perspective. Of course, we Californians and New Yorkers get it, but would something like this be understood by viewers in the “Dumb” states?

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