American Gladiators and Tony Nominations

May 13, 2008

I can’t believe I missed it … May 8th was the one year anniversary of this blog. It started on myspace and moved here and between the two… here are the statistics:

# of Posts – 243

# of Hits – 36,000 +

# of Comments – 350 +

Approx. Value – $1,793.08 (according to technorati)

I thank everyone who has been visiting since the beginning and everyone who has joined along the way. I hope you are still enjoying reading it as much as I enjoy finding all this stupid crap to waste your day. Keep telling your friends to come by… keep me bookmarked… put links to me up on your social networking page… I appreciate all of it. Thanks for spending time with me. And now… on to the stuff that makes the world turn.

American Gladiators premiered last night… and couldn’t have been better… new games, new gladiators… the female winner from last year is now “Jet,” and is unbelievably hot. The other new female gladiator that debuted was Phoenix… also hot, but her hotness was diminished by her weird Nike pose one her flying entrance with wings. I could go on and on about it.. but I’ll wait til I have nothing to talk about next week… today we have the Tony Nominations…

Here’s the biggies… with my personal pick (meaning I either think it’s a shoo-in or I really really liked it) in bold –
Best Play:
August: Osage County
Rock ‘n’ Roll
The Seafarer
The 39 Steps

Best Musical:
In the Heights
Passing Strange

Best Revival of a play:
The Homecoming
Les Liasons Dangereuses

Best Revival of a Musical:
Gypsy (not that I think it should win)
South Pacific
Sunday in the Park with George

Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play:
Ben Daniels – Les Liasons Dangereuses
Laurence Fishburne – Thurgood
Mark Rylance – Boeing-Boeing
Rufus Sewell – Rock ‘n’ Roll

Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play:
Eve Best – The Homecoming
Deanna Dunagan – August: Osage County
Kate Fleetwood – Macbeth
S. Epatha Merkerson – Come Back, Little Sheba
Amy Morton – August: Osage County

Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical:
Daniel Evans – Sunday in the Park with George
Lin-Manuel Miranda – In the Heights
Stew – Passing Strange
Paulo Szot – South Pacific
Tom Wopat – A Catered Affair

Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical:
Kerry Butler – Xanadu
Patti LuPone – Gypsy (She’ll win… but I refuse to bold her)
Kelli O’Hara – South Pacific
Faith Prince – A Catered Affair
Jenna Russell – Sunday in the Park with George

So those are the biggies… oddly, no Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, no Young Frankenstein, no Little Mermaid… though I guess it’s not so odd if you had seen those shows…

This is mind blowing… now crotchety old man don’t have to stand out on their porch and yell “Get off my lawn!” Damn teenagers with their rock and roll and root beer will be driven away by a noise only they can hear:

The Mosquito

I thought the above product was BS but then I played this video in my office… the septuagenarian in the office didn’t hear anything until 8 khz, I clearly heard the noise at 12. If any of my readers are under 25 I’d love to know at what point you hear the buzz:

This is the greatest headline I’ve ever seen regarding global warming:

BBC Science/Nature News

I knew a guy in college who could make a bong out of anything. A frozen fish stick, a hairpin and a stapler… seriously… anything… these kids went another way:

One messed up bong

9 Days… holy crap! 9 Days!

The Unsung Heroes of the Indiana Jones Trilogy

Watching these clips makes me wonder where Superman was when that was happening to Lois Lane (and yes I am aware that the reason to compile topless scenes are really starting to get weak… but I don’t put these together I just link to them because I’m a man and the female form is beau— hold on… I don’t have to explain myself to you people… they’re boobies ok… accept the fact that I’m going to link to them):

10 Topless Scenes from women in Superhero movies

Just wait until my movie comes out… I’m working on a screenplay about a pair of spies who decide to leave the CIA so they buy a McDonalds franchise and frame the manager for trading secrets to the Russians in exchange for low fat Russian cooking oil which masks the taste of the chemical they’re putting in the French Fries that brainwashes anyone who eats it and turns them into a soft-minded killing machine open to the suggestion of anyone wearing a Ronald McDonald costume:

5 Most needlessly complex terror plots in film history

Maybe the awesomest piece of geek furniture ever:

NES controller coffee table

Can you imagine that sweet coffee table sitting underneath a gorgeous skylight in the ceiling of my 2nd floor in a three story building apartment?:

Fake skylights

Ooo, ooo, one more thing I want… as I sit beneath a manufactured sky and play a giant video game I want to drink bourbon on the spherical rocks:

Ice sphere molds

This begins adorably then gets a little sinister… but the good guy prevails:


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  1. Tim said

    14.1 – AND i was wearing my sleep muffs.

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