FREE Chicken Biscuits

May 15, 2008

I have “something to do,” this weekend… wink, wink… so I put together tomorrow and maybe even a bonus Saturday already… I’m going through another one of those fall off the planet phases of my life.  I have a wedding to go to on Saturday but that’s about it for social interaction.  I’ll be at one of the networks today helping out with screen tests… they aren’t screen testing me mind you… I’m just there for the screen testes (giggle… I just called them genitals) to have someone to read scenes with.  I’ve hit the big time baby!!

OH, and just an FYI if you were lured here by the headline… I had a free chicken biscuit for breakfast from McDonald’s and I’m probably going to have a chicken sandwich for lunch… because Mickey D’s is giving away free chicken sandwiches all day with the purchase of a beverage.  Thought you’d like to know.

Exactly one week from today I will have seen the next Indiana Jones movie… I’m going Wednesday night at midnight if anyone else is interested. In honor of that… I took this quiz with horrible grammatical errors and misprints… which is the only reason I believe I was 1 shy of a perfect score:

Take the Ultimate Indiana Jones Quiz

I suppose next they’ll tell me that drinking doesn’t really improve your ability to drive:

6 Most frequently quoted bullsh*t statistics

I didn’t watch any of these clips because I was busy watching the clip in the next link, but I’m sure these are funny:

10 Funniest Star Wars moments

This is why I didn’t watch any of the Star Wars clips… I was um… distracted… (after watching this for the 15th time you may get a little bored… walk away from it and come back later, it really holds up on entertainment value):

Well endowed women in bikinis riding giant bouncy balls in slow motion

Another case for not having children… ever:

3 year old has NEVER slept

A “desire path,” is an interesting thing that’s created by human beings. They are created by animals too I guess, but they don’t build sidewalks. When people will walk across one section of grass so often to shave a few seconds off of a stroll it wears away the grass… leaving what is called a, “desire path.”:

Desire Path photos

I used to be 200lbs. I dropped a good portion of that… I’ve recently gained some back… and the fact that I am compelled to buy this and it makes my philtrum moist from licking makes me realize I will soon be pushing 2 hundo again:

Pancake puff maker

A friend of mine has just started up a blog… if you are politically minded at all he’s a sharp guy who will either make you want to hug him or incite you to riot:


The greatest thing to ever happen to youtube… Playboy is conducting a model search for the 55th anniversary… and decided to accept submissions through youtube… brilliant:

55th Anniversary Playmate search

I’m going to add two brilliant lines to this list… while they wouldn’t technically fit into the list… they are relevant. 1) The Crow – Michael Wincott – “Quick impression for ya. Caw! Caw! Bang! Fuck I’m dead!” and 2) the Brian Bosworth classic Stone Cold – Lance Henriksen – “I leave you with the last words of my father, which were, “Don’t son, that gun’s loaded!””:

Top 10 Pre-death monologues in film

To think, I’ve been going around treating women well, taking them to dinner, buying them drinks, actually being interested in what they have to say… all of that has been in pursuit of seeing their nipples. There has to be an easier way! Now there is… according to the makers of this fine product, “Getting a woman’s shirt off has never been easier!” Ladies will line up for you to hold your measurement device up to their boob and present them with a sticker:

Nipple Gauge


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