Petition to add me to the cast of the Electric Company

May 16, 2008

Tired… told you I’d be busy this weekend but I wouldn’t leave you hanging… so sorry for the brief intro to todays silliness… but I must be off to organize some things…

Props to Tim for bringing this to my attention… now I must hope that this comes to the attention of someone in the casting department at PBS… Why am I not on this show?:

The return of the Electric Company

According to this website I am “A well hung ape who likes to fist f*ck blow-up dolls,” … among other things… this is strangely addictive… I played with it longer than I should have… but you get some interesting combos… feel free to leave your favorites in the comments section:

You are a …

I took this puppy from 3,720,769 to 3,721,000. I imagine by the time I get around to posting this and you guys get a crack at it… it will be far far far beyond my efforts:

The most clicked button on the internet

I’ve logged quite a few hours on Grand Theft Auto at this point. I even know someone who did one of the voices. I don’t really know this guy but I do think he found the only way as a voice actor to capitalize on the games success… good luck to you cousin:

I’ve posted about this guy before, but I found a new article about him and more delightful pictures:

Body parts bakery

Just a handy reference guide:

Things Younger than John McCain

I still have nightmares about Goombas… and half the enemies in the last Doom installment:

10 Most terrifying enemies in video games

Ok… that’s two video game related things in a row… I gotta take the curse off it… I found a list of women when they are at their hottest (in my opinion)… covered in oil:

10 Hottest oil wrestling videos of all time

I can’t imagine how anyone did this… it’s just damned impressive. They’ve made a short film cartoon drawn entirely on walls and buildings:

I have a bag full of old socks at home. It’s not a collection per se… I am saving them for a reason… I can’t say yet what that reason is… its a secret. But… I’m not that weird, because a lot people collect some really weird crap:

25 Strangest collections you’ll ever see

I posted FHM’s list last week… so in all fairness I must post Maxim’s… they have a lot of the same ladies but… I think FHM putting Britney Spears at the #100 spot was a nice gesture. A sort of, you’ll be ok girl, we haven’t forgotten about you, get some help and we’ll be here for you. Maxim however putting her in the top 20… that’s just ridiculous:

Maxim’s hottest women of 2008

You gotta have eagle eyes to catch stuff like this… I’ve watched every episode of the Simpsons, most of them more than once… and I never caught any of this:

139 Simpsons mistakes


3 Responses to “Petition to add me to the cast of the Electric Company”

  1. erik said

    i am a caged lobster who likes to gulp mice.
    and a blue bed who likes to break lesbians…i love the music.

  2. Tim said

    I know why you’re collecting socks… Just do it already!!

    Great post today, btw. And not just bc you mention me. All-around entertaining!!!!!

  3. Stephanie said

    I’m a short goddess who likes to love bears. How did they know?!?!

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