May 17, 2008

What?!?!? A Saturday post?!?! This is madness!!! Madness I tell you!!! I have this one set to post itself on Saturday morning… it’s the first time I’ve tried this so… maybe it works… maybe it doesn’t. If it doesn’t you aren’t even reading this… so why I am I even writing… because i knew i’d be pre-occupied with Dani in town so I thought i wouldn’t neglect you.

Welcome to Saturday movie day! This is where I dump a whole bunch of worthy streaming content that I wanted to share but couldn’t really find a place for during the week… I saved a couple of real gems… Enjoy.

What happens when you take a lot things out of context on a cult TV show? Star Trek: The Sexed Generation:

Raise your hand if you’ve seen Return of the Jedi. Ok. Now raise your hand if you’ve ever noticed “Hand” Solo copping a feel on Leia… yeah… that’s what I thought:

Now a commercial break from a Korean company who wants you to enjoy their bidets as much as these two:

And… we’re back… BABY FIGHT!!!!
Baby Fight! on

I’m sure you’ve all heard that Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon syncs up perfectly with the Wizard of Oz… I had never had the energy, the time, or the mountain of drugs to attempt it… thankfully someone has done it for us. The Dark Side of the Rainbow:

Dark Side of the Rainbow


One Response to “Saturday”

  1. erik said

    if you like, you should come up to new paltz with me next month, to my buddies dark side party. he’s got bands and more weed than you can imagine, over a hundred people last year, and a huge projection of dark side of the rainbow… good tims.

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