Wedding Ducks

May 19, 2008

I attended a beautiful wedding ceremony on Saturday… dare I say the most beautiful one I’ve ever been to.  (Apologies to those whose weddings I’ve attended who might be reading this)  There were actually two ceremonies.  One outside in a public park near the Cloisters.  The second inside was a traditional Korean wedding ceremony.  The bride and groom looked amazing and couldn’t be more in love.  I wept.  I did.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  The coolest thing about the Korean wedding ceremony has to be the wedding ducks.  The bride and groom receive two ornate wooden ducks which live in their home and face each other.  If you are mad at your spouse you turn your duck away from the other to let them know that you are upset with them.  It’s nice because you know where you stand, you work it out and then turn your duck back around.  Nice.

The rest of my weekend was spent with Dani who has been on tour and was in town for the weekend.  We didn’t do anything exciting just kinda hung out and spent time with each other.  That’s really my favorite thing to do… just watch a movie, order pancakes and do stupid stuff together.  I’m easy to please.

I don’t know what time my special Saturday post posted itself, but for those of you that stopped by to check it out… you’re welcome. 🙂

Hey, Nature! Stop making weird ass animals that look like they just left PeeWee’s Playhouse… seriously animals should not come in these colors:

National Geographic DayGlo Snails

Turns out I am smart as Indy’s bullwhip with a score of 8/10… after McCain’s appearance on SNL this weekend in which he was very funny… I’m starting to think he could’ve played Indy’s dad instead of Connery… nah… :

John McCain or Indiana Jones

Tony nominations were announced last week and shows in are full swing to get the vote. If they really want to win they can’t do any better than hiring this kid:

Cubby Bernstein

Now I’m all about going to see the largest ball of twine in Minnesota but these better not have a hot dog stand outside because no food will stay down long. Just so you know what you’re getting into if you check this link out… there are museums dedicated to birth defects, menstruation, and penises (penii?):

Weird museums

I really should save this one for a related holiday of some kind… hell, it’s Cuba’s birthday tomorrow… that’s close enough:

Top 10 topless Latina actresses

Comic books take risks and go places we’re not likely to see their characters go on the silver screen:

5 Superhero scenes you won’t see in the movies

I challenge you to name more than 1 before looking at this list… Swayze – Roadhouse… that’s it… end of list:

9 Best bouncers from the movies

We all take bad photos sometimes… even beautiful women… but some of them are just too damn beautiful and even when they try to ruin a picture they look good… it makes me a little angry because if I so much as tilt my head 2 degrees in one direction I go from passably attractive to, “Dear Lord! Who let that Tolkien character in the room!”:

Gorgeous women in silly photos

One more reason for me to love Amy Sedaris. She explained to me, “Just what the hell is going on with my genitals.”:

The Japanese, they’ve brought us brilliant game shows and miles upon miles of pornography… this picture encapsulates their culture and complete lack of propriety so beautifully it makes me weep:

Capturing the perfect upskirt shot (don’t worry it’s safe to look at anywhere)

Much like the bouncer list above, I challenge you to name more than one modern day pin-up girl… Dita Von Teese… end of list… not so I say… there are some others who I am now very aware of:

Top 10 Modern day pin-ups

It’s a lot easier than pouring though Frommers guides:

Vacation planning using horror films


2 Responses to “Wedding Ducks”

  1. Panda said

    Pancakes taste better when you’re around. 🙂

  2. Fred said

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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