250th Blog post

May 20, 2008

It seems like just yesterday that I decided to start blogging. Here we are 250 posts later. What has changed? Not much. The internet is still awash with stupidity for me to pass along.

I was at the American Theatre Wing Gala last night til late… the only person I knew at all (aside from celebrities) was this guy Taylor who had done Suessical with Dani (he says hi by the way).  He was a guest of one of the entertainers.  Everyone looked fantastic, Patrick Stewart, Leslie Uggums, Jerry Herman, David Hyde Pierce, Laura Benanti, Martha Plimpton… and my new Broadway crush, Hannah Waddingham.  She’s playing the Lady of Lake in Spamalot right now and last night she was stunning!  Point is… I’m dragging ass this morning even after that I didn’t get good sleep… lot of tossing and turning lately.  But I won’t let that get in the way of the festivities.

Over the past 249 posts I’ve always tried to bring you useful information… like this:

How many cannibals could your body feed?

For the occasion I was going to rent a tux, but I couldn’t get this one in time:

Bacon scented bacon tuxedo

Because as much as I am over her… for the most part… you have to admit that for a while she was the hottest thing in the world… and these are all from that bygone era:

10 Hottest Angelina Jolie topless scenes

Perfect for this anniversary, a video that sums up the mentality, maturity, and sense of humor of this blog… 34 Nut shots in 31 seconds:

It is mandatory that there be at least one Indy related link in each post this week. This quiz fulfills that requirement:

Indy artifact or Pier 1 import

I enjoy Steve Carell and this is a good list of Steve moments… but… they left out the waiters who are nauseated by food:

10 Funniest Steve Carell moments

Since they left it out… I’ve gotta to put it here… it’s easily one of my faves:

250 posts… I’ve accomplished so much… I should be proud… I mean few people do something this important and I’m not even deep into my thirties yet… I’m going to go curl into fetal position and weep now:

8 Child prodigies that make me feel like an ass

This is why my clothes don’t fit:

Food portions 1998 and today

I love cult cinema. There was a book called the Psychotronic Film guide that listed a whole bunch of cult films… everything from Nosferatu to Santa Claus Conquers the Martians… fortunately someone has found a bunch of them and made them available to watch or download online:

Cult cinema classics

I remember the fly and the defibrillator commercial, but the others were new to me… and all quite brilliant… kudos Ameriquest:


One Response to “250th Blog post”

  1. Tim said

    CONGRATS ON THE BIG 250!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Looking forward to 251…

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