A nap is in order

May 21, 2008

Last night I went straight from work to rehearsal to an audition. I got called for a callback that I can’t go to… but it’s no sweat… they understand… because today I go straight from work to see November on Broadway and then to a movie. Tomorrow it straight from work to rehearsal for the next dare project. I will hopefully have a minute to breathe by sometime next Tuesday. I am tired and emotionally unstable right now so forgive me if I seem a bit off.

Welcome to, “plugging a friend corner”… My good friend and frequent commenter Tim Sheridan will join legendary cinematographer Dean Cundey (“Halloween,” “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”), Stan Winston Studios SFX Guru Shane Mahan, Maggie Lehman, and host Regan Burns in a chit-chat about Jurassic Park.

It’s a movie-wrap show, so AMC will show the film and keep cutting back to their chat between segments of the movie and around commercial breaks.

It’s on tomorrow night – Thursday 5/22 AT 8PM EDT (5pm PDT) so set your DVR devices.

In other news… Indiana Jones opens tomorrow!!! I’m seeing the movie tonight at midnight. I’ll let you know what I thought tomorrow… but for today…

I’ve always played this game but called it Fuck, Marry or Kill… this is nicer… it’s clean, it rhymes:

Bed, Wed, or Dead? The women of Indiana Jones

It’s important that what put an end to this in a scientific manner… who’s tougher?:

Indiana Jones or Han Solo

After Indy… Tropic Thunder is quickly becoming the movie that I will be speed dancing to the movie house to see the day it comes out… the last moment of this red band trailer is worth the price of admission:

These are amazing. In case you go to a foreign country and someone really pisses you off you’re going to want to know how to tell them off (I laughed so hard I cried at some of these… though it might just be because as I said I’m particularly tired and emotionally unstable right now):

Devastating insults from around the world

This is absolutely not safe for you to watch at work… it’s not sane for you to watch anywhere… but it would be gross negligence to not link to what may be the strangest thing to come out of Japan. (if you follow my blog, you know that is saying a lot) What we have here is a 3inch tall man receiving fellatio from a normal size woman… I really don’t know what else to say…:

Giantess porn

They go together like peanut butter and chocolate:

100 Celebrity drug busts

It’s a miracle of miracles that I am not a part of this countdown… God knows I’ve felt this way often enough… my self-control has kept me in check however barely:

10 Office freak-outs

I’ve seen bad tattoos before, but never as awesomely bad as these. I love Bob Barker to but… c’mon:

Bad Tattoo gallery

This would have been helpful in high school, or college, or when I lived somewhere where I had need to take cars… but for all of you, just so there’s no more fighting:

The official rules of calling shotgun

Just one more thing that can be waved about in a football vs. soccer argument… sure Tony Romo just broke up with Jessica Simpson, and Gisele and Bridget Moynahan both got a piece of Brady… but this list proves soccer is the sport to play:

50 Hottest soccer WAGs (WAG by the way stands for Wives and Girlfriends)

Of course I’ll watch it:


2 Responses to “A nap is in order”

  1. Tim said

    Thanks, Buddy. But what’s with the diminutive text? =P

  2. Fred said

    I look at the porn coming out of Germany and Japan, and I think, man, I really hope we don’t lose this war in Iraq.

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