Indiana Jones

May 22, 2008

It finally got here… you know how little kids get excited about things too far in advance… like Christmas or a vacation?  They are just bubbling over for weeks in anticipation of the event.  By the time the opening credits were rolling the grin on my face hurt it had been plastered there so long.  It stayed on til the very end of the film too.  This is not to say it didn’t have problems.  It did, but nothing that tarnished the idea of Indy.

One person I was with didn’t like it at all.  There will be people that don’t.  I guessed what the MacGuffin was and I thought I’d have been pissed about it but it turned out to be perfect.  The fact is this one fits tonally with the others in the series.  The problem I think people will have with it will stem from the fact that the mythology behind the MacGuffin is familiar to us all.  A MacGuffin like the Sankara stones from Temple of Doom you just accept that these stones have power and are important and you go on the journey.  This time you come in with baggage because we’re in territory we’re all familiar with and both George and Steven have covered before.  Lot’s of people see Jim Broadbent’s line in the film, “We have reached the age when life stops giving us things and starts taking them away,” as a reflection of our fond memories from childhood being replaced by this film.  I prefer to quote Shia LaBeouf’s Mutt, “It’s just a thing.”  God knows I made up enough stories about Indiana Jones when I was a kid.  I starred in my own Indiana Jones adventures and those are still with me.  This is just one more story to add to our own personal Indiana Jones canon.  It was a good time, I didn’t want it to be over, I didn’t want to say goodbye to Indy.

If you love the character as much as I do, it shouldn’t be hard to allow yourself to live in that child like wonder you had when seeing the first films.  Sure there’s the occasional faulty bit of dialog or CGI monkey that kills a little piece of you but overall this one has everything that made you fall in love with Henry Jones Jr. to begin with.  And now my attempt to be quoted in the ads… Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a thrilling adventure I didn’t want to end.

In case you were wondering why I’ve been so jazzed about Indy, here’s why I went and saw it last night at midnight:

10 Character defining moments of Indiana Jones

So You Think You Can Dance starts tonight. I am not ashamed to admit… I’m very excited. In honor of that here’s some a classic version of people getting served:

There is a clip within this article from a movie called Zeta One, it’s 70’stastic!:

Greatest Sci-Fi Dominatrixes (dominatrixees? dominatrixi?)

These are fun and nostalgic… and if you’re an uber geek like me you actually use these to create a skin for your character on Rainbow Six. Seriously, if it’s black and white your character comes out with a bluish hue, but I ran around sniping terrorists as Frank Sinatra… awesome? Yes:

Vintage mug shots

Adam West. Adam West. Adam West:

5 Best Mayor West clips

I’m flabbergasted… did you know you can actually make porn better by photoshopping out the naughty bits??:

Porn no more

Athletes… typically not the greatest actors, with the exception of Brian Bosworth of course… so these are hard to come by:

10 Best athlete sketches on SNL

For someone who doesn’t even own a watch, I’m obsessed with cool watch designs like these:

Tokyo flash

I managed to begin lower the national debt, and push away the eventual collapse of our economy… I did pretty good… so I will be running for president in 2032:

Be a budget hero

One more in honor of So You Think You Can Dance starting tonight… This guy isn’t, “half bad.” In fact, I would say he’s, “all right,” except he’s literally the opposite of that… okay… I’ll stop with the bad puns:


2 Responses to “Indiana Jones”

  1. erik said

    i understand your review, but it’s not a fact that it fits with the others. wow, i hated it. bad acting, bad effects, bad script. worst indy ever. 🙂

  2. Provider said

    Indie’s Skull:
    I guess I was looking for the same excitment as Raiders, but I realize Raiders was something new for a different generation. This current LucasFilm offering is okay maybe even good, but not really great. But hey, anytime old guys do stunt/action movies, it’s a good thing!
    The movie did have some exciting but different ideas on action sequences. One of which reminded me of the hero and villian both on horseback engaged in a fierce sword fight while galloping toward the heroine.
    I always thought Hitchcock spelled it McGuffin; after all Hitch coined or invented the word, thanks for the correct spelling.

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