Friday – Long weekend

May 23, 2008

Despite closing early today at 2 my day in the office today is going to feel like a full week. As I write this, the clock flips to 10 am on the nose. Four hours… that’s all… just gotta get through it. Rehearsal tonight for Dare and then Dani gets back semi-permanently from tour. All of that… if I can just get through 4 hours. This is going to be a LOT harder than anyone can imagine. Wish me luck.

See you again on Tuesday… enjoy the weekend!

Mmmmm…. (leave it to Tim to bring this to my attention)

The incredible edible anus

As if that wasn’t disturbing enough… how about examining the global and historical reach of one vagina:

Six degrees of Paris Hilton’s vagina

All right… today has taken a turn for the perverse.. and I apologize… maybe it’s the long weekend, maybe it’s the moon, I don’t know… but everything popping up in my suggestion box seems to be this questionable so that’s what I’m posting today… sorry:

Sex with cars: A tutorial

Ok… let’s come out of the swamp… here’s a quiz I can get behind… in fact… it may even come in handy at a barbecue this weekend:

Beer slogan quiz

This can’t be real… it just can’t… but if it is… these are dating videos from the 80s and someone needs to find Mr.Castle for me and tell me what he’s doing with his life… because that guy is the inspiration for Dwight Schrute and he’s owed some money:

I got 8 out of 30… but then again I’m not a 14 year old:

Chat room acronyms

I wish I was a 14 year old… well more like 17… here’s the thing… some kid just got arrested for posting nude pictures of his 16 year old girlfriend on the internet. He too is 16 but it’s still illegal. He got the pictures from her because she took them on her cell phone and send them to him. Fuck! I was born at the wrong time. When I was in high school we didn’t have cell phones and if we wanted to see a boob we hate to squint our eyes at the squiggly lines on Cinemax unless we lucked upon a free weekend. Kids today have their whore girlfriends making videos with their webcams and sending them shots on their cellphones. Not fair! Even prom for fucksake! My prom date wore a burkha compared to what girls are wearing to prom today:

Prom fashion 1950s – present

If you’re ever thinking about breaking any records, you can’t do worse than having one for the longest something or other… here’s a jumping off point for you:

Longest list of the longest stuff

I recently introduced my friend Tim to LOLCats, I thought everyone had been aware of them for a while… I was however shocked to find during the introduction that they have a canine counterpart:

Fail dogs

An interesting idea but I don’t think it will happen:

Who should Obama choose as his running mate?

A collection of how to draw the Simpsons videos, everyone from Homer to donut-head Homer:

Drawing the Simpsons

Finally before I bid you all adieu to go to your various BBQ events around the city… I leave you with an inspiring piece, close to my heart:

Pandas rescued after China earthquake


2 Responses to “Friday – Long weekend”

  1. panda said

    those pandas are so freaking cute…. So freaking cute.

  2. Provider said

    Update on the skull movie;
    The other day I would have sided with Erik’s evaluation of the movie. Today, a second viewing with family, after yesterday’s anticipation of the release; I will side with Chris. Here’s why:
    the devil’s in the detail … the quarter Mutt handles in the malt shop is actually a silver based quarter from the 50’s, the cars and the interiors of the cars from the college chase are classic, recognition of sequences from several 50’s and 60’s movies with one in particular stolen or maybe borrowed from Disney’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth” with the escape via a circular shaft to the surface, another from the “The Wild One” and Brando even down to the jacket pins in the lapels. This time, I accepted Indy’s escape by refrigerator (my childhood Coldspot WAS lead lined) ((this probably explains a lot, Chris)), I accepted the radiation scrub down (as seen in Bond’s “Dr, No”), heck I even accepted the disappearance of the “other” Roswell alien.
    I sat back and watched the movie without judgments and enjoyed being entertained.
    The wife even laughed at some points.
    Sorry, but it’s a pretty good movie after all.
    Yeah, it is critic proof. Will the next one be, “Mutt and the Adventure of the Cold War Escalation”? What if Short Round shows up in the next movie and his real name is Jeff? (A reference probably lost)

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