All Memorialed out

May 27, 2008

It was quite a weekend kids… 3 days off and 3 days of debauchery… well not really debaucherous… but definitely a lot of drinking.  It was Memorial Day weekend… it had to be done.

It was nice having my girl in town all weekend… (Yes, Ms. Maralyn…  🙂  I’m being good…) we went to Basurero one day and had margaritas and odd Colombian foods.  We laid out in the Socrates sculpture garden one afternoon, and yesterday walked around a street fair most of the day.  It’s that last thing that turned out to be a mistake.  The back of neck is so sunburned that when I stepped into the shower and the water hit the back of my neck I let out a yelp as if someone had just stepped on my testicles.

It was all worth it because I got to eat 2 whole street fair corn on the cobs… I got some new shoes, and I got to sing at the street fair and stupidly sign a release so that it may be broadcast on Queens public access… my embarrassment shall live on for friends to flip channels past.

I’m going to kick today off with this… it’s not a link… frankly, I don’t know what it is… I just wanted to share it:

Things just seem more beautiful in slow motion… by things, I mean people getting punched in the face…:

Punched in the face in slo-mo montage

Don’t get me wrong, punching in the face is so cool it doesn’t have to be in slow motion to be awesome:

Top 10 Movie Fights

If you’ve eaten recently or plan on eating soon… you might want to skip this one… the first picture of the finished product is actually kind of pretty… it’s the process that’ll “scar you for life.”:

Scar tattoo

Just like the Japanese are a few decades behind us on fashion trends, monkeys have now reached the 80s in terms of gaming:

Why watch TV when you can look at pictures of TV:

What’s on TV?

In case you have some issues you need to work out and watching all the Saw movies back to back doesn’t do it for you… feel free to torture this guy and work out that aggression:


Now that we’ve covered the violence portion of the day… let’s follow that up with the sex… a good combo for the borderline psychopaths that visit my page:

Top 10 topless redheads in film

Sometimes they get right up to the release before turning a good film into a piece of crap:

5 Awesome movies ruined by last minute changes

Ah… Kids in the Hall… Seussify the bible… those crazy Canadians:


One Response to “All Memorialed out”

  1. Tim said

    did you just compare the Japanese to monkeys?

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