May 29, 2008

You know that commercial for Disney where the little kid says, “We’re too excited to sleep?”

Oh, I found it… this one:

Isn’t that kid adorable… anyway… my point is… I’m too excited to write anything meaningful today… tonight is the season finale of LOST.  So I’m just going to move right on to the webstuff… I’ll be more useful tomorrow.

Finally something to replace that 3d spinning flower… a Paul Rudd talking screensaver:
Paul Rudd Screensaver

How do the Jets and the Sharks not make this list? I mean really? If I was gonna have to fight a gang, I would want to go up against one that snaps and does barrel turns:

8 Least intimidating gangs in film history

It always nice to see a human interest story that doesn’t exploit a child with a debilitating birth defect:

Ass for a face

Next time you go on vacation, make sure you pack one of these… they love them at the airport:

Cameras that look like guns

Finally a show that will be worth the inflated Broadway ticket prices:

Sam Jackson on Broadway

Dear lord… Rich… I apologize… I realized this is a heightened version of me… I’m so very very sorry:

Backseat gamer

What if advertisers cursed in their ads… I think it would be awesome… click this f’n bacon ad to check more of these mo’fo’s out:

Michael Jackson was an amazing dancer… there’s no denying that… but he did have influences among them (and a direct influence for Smooth Criminal) was Fred Astaire as evidenced by this mash-up of Jacksons music with footage from The Band Wagon:

This is exactly what you think it is:

Cunt Coloring Book

Looks like we have to find another way to describe something as being impossible because this one has been busted:

How to nail Jell-o to the wall

This may come as a shock to you but … your doctors hate you:

Terms your doctor uses to insult you

For all those who have recently voiced their complaints about Indian Joe… I still enjoyed the movie… admittedly it was because I am still just happy to see an Indiana Jones movie, it’s by far not the best of the quadrilogy but damn it, it was a fine movie:

18 Things I’ve learned from Indiana Jones


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