Saturday Video Post

May 31, 2008

Just for fun… video post.

Weezer launched this video on the internet this month and I’m fairly certain everyone has seen it by now, but in case you haven’t, it’s a good song and there are cameos from just about every internet “celebrity,” you can think of. (Glad to see the Numa Numa kid hasn’t changed at all):

The best ‘crank call’ in the history of crank calls… I wish I could do this to every telemarketer ever:

I really have been neglecting Liberty City… not to be too romantic about it but when I watch this stunt montage I know that GTA IV is home waiting for me and I smile:

Speaking of video games… here’s a classic… what these guys did with it though is technically impressive to me… for all I know it can be done on a video toaster… but I think it looks pretty damn good:

F’ the iphone… google may be replacing big brother and all, but you gotta admit their tech is cool. If anyone wants to buy me a the Google Android phone… feel free:

Finally for your Saturday enjoyment… No Country For Gay Men:

No Country For Gay Men


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