Ohhhhh! Bama.

June 4, 2008

They say we’re entering uncharted territory.  Hell, he says we are.  We have an African American candidate for president.  Call me simple.  Call me crazy… call me color-blind.  But really… we have guy running for president.  Period.  We coulda had a girl… but either way we would have had human being running for president.  Nothing has changed.  Is it just me or is calling attention to that fact that this is a historic moment just further the idea that we are different?  There is nothing historic about a human being running for office.  You give me a talking dolphin with a ray gun… now we’re talking history books.

This is for those of you that have told me you’d rather other kinds of video lists rather than just topless scenes, or hot girls covered in baby oil… I hope you enjoy this more:

Top 10 Videos of people catching on fire

There… are you happy… it’s not always about tits… in other news…:

The 6 Most innovative brothels from around the world

The internet is awash with fads… it started with goatse, got a little tamer with Pwnd, then lolcats, and faildogs… but lately people have realized not just dogs can fail:

Fails of the day

And now this one is trying to get off the ground, but it’s not funny like fail pictures… this is just plain creepy:


I’m all for getting kids to focus without using Adderol or Ritalin but you’d think they’d come up with a better name:

Kids Concentration Camps

I totally want to be in the clinical trials on this one. Just imagine I could start out as their guinea pig and then steal their entire supply, hoard it, grow my brain to ridiculous proportions and take over the world… but seriously… this is cool:

New drug actually grows brain cells / neurons

Sadly blogger is not among the top 10… it must be 11 for sure because I tell you, women throwing themselves at me on a daily basis is just one of the things I’ve had to deal with since I started this thing:

10 Best jobs for picking up women

Why should wiki be the only pedia?:

8 Pedias other than Wiki

I prefer honesty, in fact my current cover letter says, “I would like you to pay me to not do much.”:

150 Resume’ blunders

I also bought one of these for when I get called in for an interview:

Smile on a stick


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