Back in traction

June 5, 2008

Dare project went well.  To those who came… thanks for coming.  To those who didn’t you missed a great show.  I pulled a little something in my back and will therefore be on my couch all day today.  Perhaps I will have more to say tomorrow.

I think Rachael Ray is alternately kinda cute and appalling… but if you just like her raspy tones… you’re gonna love this:

Anything from medical marijuana to crow feed… is there anything that vending machines can’t do:

Special vending machines

It’s just not the same as playing with the real thing but it does bring back nice memories:

Virtual Lite Brite

Before the internet, before you could find pornography every where you looked… this is all there was:

Etch-a-sketch porn

I never really attended a summer camp… but I have had most of these things done to me… sadly my entire grade school life was one long summer camp hazing ritual:

Acts of Violence that really say I Love You

I want to live in a comic book, apparently they have a better economic system than we have here… but I guess you’d have to put up with stuff like super mutants liquefying your sister and stuff… still seems like a pretty good trade:

Obscenely wealthy comic book characters

Narrowing this down to 10 had to be quite a chore considering 80% of what happens on that channel can be considered a blunder:

10 Best Fox News Moments

And… you’re welcome:

Top 10 Head Explosions in film


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