Sleepy, Dopey and Sneezy

June 6, 2008

Allergies!!!!!  I got off the train to come to work this morning and sneezed about 30 times in a row… everytime you sneeze, your heart skips a beat… that’s why we say, “God Bless You.”  After 30 in a row I’m pretty sure I was legally dead for a full minute.

I get my paperwork today to join equity.  Woot!  The next few days are crazy busy for me… I already have a blog for tomorrow that will auto-post in the morning.  Tomorrow is also my first official day at one of my new jobs.  Fingers crossed I will get some new headshots taken this weekend as well… and then I have an audition set up on Monday… I’m also scheduling some meetings with representation… all in all I’m one giant bundle of nerves.

When you die… I don’t want any of you to get lost.  Heaven is a pretty big place and you need to make sure to remember we parked in Moses 15, cus if we get separated we’ll meet at the car.  Sadly… heaven as a theme park kinda makes sense… what also makes sense?  That there would be an America-land in Heaven, a line to sit on God’s lap (though it’s probably not really God, just one of his helpers with a fake beard), AND an area you can go to to watch the suffering of evil-doers (which oddly enough seems to have a disproportionately large crowd waiting to get in, apparently people in heaven are cool with gloating and torture porn):

Map of heaven

Hmmm… I could eat 3 square meals today… or… I could go to Baskin Robbins and get a Heath Bar shake:

Worst beverages in America

You’ll totally find this fascinating. Or not. I don’t know. I did. I guess you’re just an idiot. Or maybe I’m being sarcastic:

The science of sarcasm

Scientology is awesome. For those that believe in it and it helps them through their lives and gives them guidance and makes them decent to others… it’s awesome. That’s the way I feel about most religions… if it works for you, that’s great! Though I’d be interested to hear Matthew, Mark, Luke and John’s other stories cus “Hubby,” was full of ’em:

L. Ron Hubbard’s 5 Big Lies

It may be rated E for everyone but when you think about it, most video games have a set number of lives and while death most certainly is for everyone… some a little much for children to contemplate:

Goriest deaths in childrens video games

Woo hoo… theatre didn’t make the list… I am a productive member of society:

10 Most worthless college majors

I did the soccer WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends)… now it’s time for hockey… these guys pull some fantastic chicks despite rarely having a full set of teeth:

Hockey WAGS

There are some inspired choices on this list… and some that I just don’t get but I am impressed with the obscurity of some of these:

100 Best movie posters of all time

I scored a 67.5% barely passing… I feel like a moron… especially since they call it a quiz on “basics.”:

Intuitor Basic Physics Savvy Quiz

Here’s my pitch Travel channel… listen up… I will attend all of these and probably break some limbs and crush some babies in the process… that’s good tv:

Odd festivals around the world

What a wet blanket… the guy from mythbusters has to ruin everything:

Alternative energy sources busted


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