A very special episode of Blossom

June 9, 2008

It’s been a long weekend. Well, a short weekend but it felt long due to the sheer number of things I had to get done within its confines. Most significantly it was my first night at the new job. I had more photographs taken of me in one shift than I think I have in my entire life. A few rude customers but nothing horrendous. I am going to need to invest in some more comfortable shoes, that much is clear. On the plus side I was able to schedule a few auditions and will hopefully be doing some really cool theatre as well as working this new job which will mean that for the first time in my life I will be doing nothing other than acting for a living. That’s pretty damned amazing. Go me! Next up, I just gotta book some commercials so I won’t have to subsist on ramen noodles and turkey balogna.

Best congratulate this man while you can… I have a feeling the oil companies might be interested in, “talking,” to him about this breakthrough:

Man invents car that runs on water

It’s things like this that make me hesitate to buy the Wii Fit. If only they made a movie starring Fred Savage, then I would know it’s the product for me:

6 Ill- conceived video game accessories

I will not tolerate bad-mouthing Remo Williams!!! That man can walk on water… well… semi-hardened quick dry cement at any rate… I am one of 5 people who saw that movie… and gosh darnit I loved it! The rest of these are pretty ridiculous:

6 Most unrealistic movie workouts

I think the best way to work out is while doing something productive… like making bread… preferably in the 80s:

Making bread in the 80s

I am flabbergasted at this site… this woman dresses up her pet squirrel in all kind of fabulous outfits. The picture below just about made me crap with glee… upon further review I might have Irished up my coffee a bit to much this morning:

It’s much more sensible to kill, stuff, mount squirrels first:

Dead squirrel photos

I truly mourn the fact that some of these will never be made:

15 Best horror movies that never were

Basically every woman that has played a female lead in an Adam Sandler movie has appeared topless at some point… Emanuelle… Keri… I’m waiting:

Top 10 topless Sandler babes

I’m still steaming over the casting of Justin Long in any movie when clearly I am the right casting choice. I’m kidding… I actually like the guy, I think he’s pretty good… still… he has my career:

20 Worst casting choices ever

No link here… just proof that nature is angry at us:

Thank god we here in the states only have one rite of manhood… your first Budweiser:

5 Terrifying rites of manhood from around the world


2 Responses to “A very special episode of Blossom”

  1. erik said

    love love LOVE remo williams: the adventure begins. so pissed the adventure has never continued… joel grey in that was maybe the most absolutely racially insensitive brilliant performance ever (at least until tropic thunder comes out)…

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