Indiana Jones and the Temple of Womb

June 10, 2008

I almost had to end my relationship with my girlfriend recently when she admitted to me she had never seen an Indiana Jones movie. I love her, I do… but… c’mon! So a couple of weeks ago we watched Raiders. She thought it was good. No jumping up and down, but she was glad to have finally seen it. Last night we watched Temple of Doom. She loved it. She smiled through the opening, got scared, got misty… and all but applauded at the end.  It seems to me that women often appreciate that one more.  Until this last adventure everyone was in agreement that Temple was the worst.  I submit to you that it’s only bad in terms of it’s forerunner and follow-up.  It’s a really good movie.  We all know that Kate Capshaw is a little annoying at times (like at the beginning, middle and end).  Short Round however is a GREAT sidekick… who didn’t want their own thieving Asian child sidekick after that?  The opening sequence is one of the greatest in film history.  Everyone knows the dining scene.  The cart race is iconic.  Most of us can do the Thuggies chant.  The shrinking room, the alligators, the beating heart, Indys transformation… the movie is so full of great moments, why does that movie get a bad wrap?  It easily makes my 100 best movies of all time list.

What’s that I hear? Is it a chorus of angels? I think I may have died and gone to some sweet sweet delicious heaven:

Canned bacon

Reasons I will see the movie Wanted: 1) I enjoyed the directors Russian films.
2) You watch a bullet come out of a mans forehead.
3) Morgan Freeman says, “Motherf*cker.”:

Wanted – The Red Band Trailer

These aren’t really functional you have to love that someone else is needed to drip serve you from the ‘sloth’ glass:

7 deadly sins wine glasses

All will be forgiven if I get to watch Shyamalan off himself in The Happening:

Famous director cameos in film

The photo attached to this story must be seen to be believed… if he was bowling… the dude got a strike:

Car plows into bicycle race

The fat guy trapped inside of me thinks at least one of these doesn’t sound repulsive:

Toasted candy sandwiches

Everyone will have their own favorite, I’m kind of partial to, “Curl up and dye” :

50 Stores with puns in their name

Of the 100 reasons, I have to say #10, because a woman keeps having sex with you, is easily the best:

100 Reasons you can’t sleep

Dirty dirty dirty… if you don’t know enough to know that you probably shouldn’t look at this while at work then you should probably just be a fry cook… but it is out of an obligation to bring you the hard hitting new pieces that I must place this link here:

10 Hottest women women working in porn

If the booty skills don’t do it for you but you’re still shallow in a different way:

12 Highest earning hotties

When beer just isn’t right for occasion:

9 Essential summer drinks

I’m not a baseball fan. Never have been. Personally I think it’s a little boring but I have been to a few games and I am pretty flummoxed when it comes to some fan behavior:

Dumb things baseball fans get excited about


One Response to “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Womb”

  1. Panda said

    OH MY GOD…. that movie is sooooo good. I had an intense mini-conversation with Prescott about it in the kitchen.

    And I’m adopting a spunky asian baby.

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