June 11, 2008

I saw Xanadu last night. I’m not sure what to say about it. It’s a show. It had some very funny and very enjoyable moments.  I will say Kerry Butler deserves her nomination. She was fantastic. The show had a lot of problems and a few members of the ensemble were just hamtacularly bad. It was an ok time and maybe I would have gotten more into it if I were gay and had seen the movie. Case in point:

Wooooo Weeee!!! C’mon over to my place this weekend I got me a whole case of jet fuel and we’s gonna have a hootenanny!:

5 Worst ways to get drunk

Canadian PSA’s clearly are the most amazing things every put on tape (as evidenced by one of my posts a couple of months ago), but PSA’s overall are pretty amazing… #4 on this list has me absolutely stunned that it even aired:

10 Funniest PSAs ever

Last week I posted a link to every cover of Playboy ever, I followed that up with Penthouse… pfffth… childs play… now we move on to Larry Flint:

Every cover of Hustler 1970s – today

Even in death I’ll never be this cool. My last words will probably wind up being something like, “That bear will never climb all the way up here,” or, “See Marion Ravenwood! I told you I could drink more than you.”:

11 Most badass last words ever

New Jersey gets a bad rap… or is it wrap? Either we we are all familiar with the douchebaggery that is often associated with Jersey guys, in case you aren’t, here’s a crash course:

How to spot a Jersey native

Photos like this make you realize how insignificant we and all those Jersey douchebags are… we’re the little marble in the lower left:

Earth and the moon as viewed from Mars

This website runs photoshop contests all the time, it never ceases to amaze me what good senses of humor these graphic design people have:

Photo shopped cereal boxes

Things like this are always a little creepy to me… it almost seems too personal at times and you’re never sure what was intended or if you should be looking at all:

Man takes one polaroid picture every day for 18 years

As if inflated medical costs weren’t enough:

10 Doctors who are reasons to avoid doctors

I’m just going to leave this website up at home for everytime I lay out a zinger:

Instant Rimshot

If a photo gallery of a porn star convention in Los Angeles this past weekend is something you’d like to browse then by all means get yourself ready and click below with your free hand (rimshot):

Pornstar Gallery


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