Obama is the M word

June 12, 2008

What the hell is going on with the world?!!?  Aside from some media sources using the word Mulatto to describe Obama (it’s funny how depending on how it’s used it can come off seeming derogatory or as simply a point of fact).  Tom De Lay has called him a Marxist and invited Obama to prove him wrong.  Then there is of course the other M word… I was standing outside of my apartment and overheard a conversation between a woman walking her dog and my neighbor.  The woman said in a hushed tone… “You know he’s a Muslim?”  She then grew louder… “Obama… Osama… that’s just what we need a terrorist in the white house!”  It was all I could do to restrain myself from packing a bag, buying a car, running her down with said car and moving to Canada.  So Obama is a Muslim Mulatto Marxist?  We’ve had a Moron running the country for 8 years… how could it get worse than that?  So for the love of God people stop throwing around the M words!

Ah the treadmill… a piece of workout equipment that simulates something you can do anywhere. When I am on a treadmill I like to pretend that I’m walking to the store to buy a treadmill:

10 Most painful treadmill spills (I have to say I’d never seen a 1st person view, and I have to say the anticipation in the video is hard to get through)

All it takes is one little bug and this guy goes from Bryant Gumble to Jimmie Walker:

Reporter gets street

Please dear God don’t let this be the next trend. My girl is pretty up to the minute when it comes to fashion but if she ever comes home with a caribou on her head I may loose my lunch:

Animal hair (the walrus girl is maybe the most ridiculous and the hottest at the same time… what a conundrum)

If I could afford a vacation, I’m not sure where I would go, but at least I know where not to go:

World’s 10 most dangerous vacation spots

The list is compiled by a Brit but theres only one cartoon here I don’t recognize. I have to give props for the inclusion of my personal favourite (note the British spelling as a show of respect) MASK:

18 Best cartoons from the 80s

You know you want one:

Condiment gun

The order of this list is a little suspect but all your favorites are here:

10 Worst sports broadcasters

I really wish that the Segway would have been the world changing invention it was originally touted to be because it would mean a lot more videos like this:

Segway faceplant

Fagghetaboutit! If I get the pancake scented candles… Dani will never leave my house:

Unusually scented candles

There was never any question in my mind as to what number one on this list would be:

50 Most memorable cars in the movies

Do you ever go through those phases in your life where you feel everyone else on the planet is having more sex than you? In these cases it’s most probably true:

18 of the worlds most over sexed musicians


One Response to “Obama is the M word”

  1. Stefan Fobes said

    Obama is a Bush Brigade Bastard is more like it. The guy would fit so well in that White House it’s not even funny. He has voted for over $300 billion of war appropriations bills, which is quite a feat for someone who is supposed to be against the Iraqi occupation. He is for open borders, but at the same time we are supposed to be fighting al-qaeda. His chief advisors is Zbigniew Brzezinski, lauded as one of the West’s top geopolitical strategists who played a big role in goading the Soviets into invading Afghanistan in the 70s which was responsible for thousands of deaths. And to any Black readers, you will really get mad when you find out who he was the #1 campaigner for. Check this out sometime.


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