Obama is still just an M word

June 13, 2008

I don’t have anything else to add to my words about Obama yesterday… but I did notice that because of the title of the blog i got 25% more hits than usual.  I can’t be bothered to come up with anything more provocative… so if you want to know what all that M word business is scroll down to yesterdays post.

Today is all about me getting my shit together, getting cleaned up and taking new headshots, and getting ready for my new job…

In celebration of me not having a crappy non-actorly desk job anymore… I’ve been saving this music video that must have been a blast to shoot and I would love to see the uncensored version… enjoy:

Those surreal Garfield strips I wrote about a few months ago are spawning all kinds of copycats… this guy used a Markov chain which is a probabilistic model well suited to semi-coherent text synthesis to come up with his new Garfield dialog (and no I have no idea what that means):

Markov Garfield

I got 5 out of 12 on this list… only 3 of which I was sure of:

Middle Initial Quiz

Back in 1942 plans were made on who would own what once WWII ended… they even made a map… the it’s all for the best, the United States of Scandanavia didn’t have a good ring to it anyway:

New world order

For those about to rock:

A field guide to guitar jam faces

C’mon baby… just give me a back massage… that’s all… just rub my back a little… yeah… that’s the stuff:

Baby born with penis on his back (yes… there is a photo)

If you had told me that you could take soundbytes from Bill O’Reilly and use them to create awesome dance mixes I would have said you were a visionary … but your vision was scary:

Bill O’Reilly Remix

When George Lucas inevitably decides to actually do this… I might totally be down with it… surprisingly all fights are cooler with light sabers:

10 Best Light Saber mash-ups

Mmm… Melissa Stark… and others… but man I always had a thing for Stark:

10 Hottest sideline reporters of all time

Doesn’t anyone watch Doctor Who, or Battlestar Galactica? I don’t but I have a feeling we’ll be living them soon at the rate we’re going:

5 Most evil robots ever constructed in the name of science

I’ve spent way more time thinking about what I would do if I ever found myself in 1000A.D. than anyone should admit. I thought it was a little strange until I found out that a lot of people take that subject very seriously:

What you should do if you find yourself in the year 1000

Everyone loves celebrities… but celebrities really hate this guy:

Celebrities punching Steve


3 Responses to “Obama is still just an M word”

  1. erik said

    stupid limey kids…

  2. erik said

    by the way, i was just mentioned on my favorite sports-writer’s blog. i can die now, he called me ‘brilliant.’


  3. Fred said

    chris, this site’s url is easy to remember and will hopefully answer those stupid people: http://isbarackobamamuslim.com/

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