Father’s Day

June 15, 2008

Today I’m going to share something with all of you that my father wrote…

Watch Life, observe nature.

Cooperate with the process of living.

Make common cause with existence.

Derive pleasure from the gift of just being.

Live life for itself. Enjoy living. Be happy with yourself.

Life is its own answer and reward.

Accept it. Enjoy it, day by day.

Destroy nothing. Humble nothing.

Look for fault in nothing natual.

There is no reason to be cruel to prove strength, power or opinion.

Leave untouched, unsoiled; all that you find is beautiful.

Hold all that lives in reverence.

You should live as well as possible.

Improve your possibilities when you can, if you desire.

There are always options. Make your choices.

Live the choice you make fairly, until other choices are made for better.

Envision a future you desire, work for it, without

forgetting the sense of NOW or the sense of being you.

Be aware of your decisions, you alone are responsible for them.

The future can always be changed. Don’t be foolish about it.

Grow in knowledge, skills, and awareness.

Create no financial debt that can not be repaid early. Plan Ahead.

Help and love others, justly. If you could help another, DO.

Find a reason to help, rather than seek rationality not to.

Share talents and knowledge, freely, in virtuous cause.

Whatever abilities you have; use it for betterment.

Avoid being used by others for evil sake, always assist for good.

Maintain integrity and ethics; be honest in dealings and words.

Insure that what you say is what you do, even

to the point, where the saying and the doing are one.

Justice exists from you, not for others, but for only you.

Form ideas, make no judgments of others. Think.

Things are or are not; do not search for the middle.

Always remember from where you came, and honor it.

Know yourself. Be true to yourself.

Life is given to be savored.

Life is given to be luxuriated in.

Life is given by your God; to be respected.

Respect others more than yourself,

Respect and honor yourself first.

Happy Fathers Day

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One Response to “Father’s Day”

  1. Postman said

    Hmmm… my Pop used to say two things:

    1) “It only gets worse.”

    2) “Wish in one hand, spit in the other and see which one fills up first.”

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