Tony Tony Tony

June 16, 2008

In pain… worked Tony Awards last night.  Home at 4:30am… awake at 8am… going to work… me speak later maybe… bitter at everyone who is asleep.

Pack up the van kids… who wants to take me to Hershey Park… ASAP!:


A long long time ago I posted the 50 best sex scenes in cinema. Just as there would be no He-Man without Skeletor, no Optimus Prime without the decepticons… I give you:

The 50 worst sex scenes in cinema

Iconic moments in mankind are alternately less and more disturbing when:


Mine did not make this list… but then again it’s probably just me and the two other people I was with that lost it that day on the tilt-o-whirl:

8 Places you probably lost your virginity (and a he said / she said account of it)

Imagine the ones that no one has caught yet:

12 worst photoshop mistakes ever

Here we go… this will cut through the haze for you and help you make the right decision… Republican:

Is there any way to make something that will be more awe-inspiring than Stonehenge… yes:


There is nothing more majestic and beautiful than a lighthouse… and nothing tastier than gummi… put the two together and you get something that I would be hesitant to put in my mouth:

Gummi Lighthouses

This is freaking unbelievable… even if you don’t like ballet, you should know that dancing “en pointe,” is very difficult to begin with, so I would imagine doing it ON someone else would be even harder:


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