Can’t wait for a real rest

June 19, 2008

Wow.. really no time today.  Gotta run to work, then to a friends show… and I am fighting a really crappy sore throat.  Pray for me.

Someone please explain this to me… not baseball I get that, not Koreans, I understand them… not even Korean baseball… I get that too… but this defies explanation:

Korean baseball fight

This is the awesomest innovation in the weapon industry I’ve seen in a long time.  Imagine the look on the shark, tiger, or crackheads face when you stab them with this:

Wasp knife

Just a good list… expect Bond to stab someone with a wasp knife in the next film though:

25 Best Bond movie deaths

Since we’re on the subject… the many deaths of Kenny:

Proud to say I got all of these correct… but then again, I am a big Troy McClure fan:

Real movie or Troy mcClure joint

I can’t wait…:

5 Superpowers science will give us (in our lifetime!!! w00t!)


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