Mint medicine makes me moody

June 20, 2008

Sorry for all the alliteration in todays title.  But seriously… Ive been bipolar since sucking down this, “Health food store,” alternative remedy for a cold.  My girl has this little bottle of offensively minty stuff with a dropper.  She puts three squirts of it into a glass of water and I foolishly drink it.  Now I’m going from feelings of violation and confusion to wanting to punch a baby because my stomach is in a knot.  Note: One of the emotions I’m not feeling is elation because my cold is gone…

Ahh… crap… I gotta go to work and make children smile.  Let’s hope that the impetus to baby-punch doesn’t strike while I’m there.

You know that scene in that movie where your favorite actress finally bares all? Yeah, that wasn’t her:

Top 10 female body doubles

I don’t often pay attention to the reviews on amazon before buying a book… but I occasionally skim through them. Some of them really are quite helpful.

Top 10 reviews of the Bible on Amazon

From the just plain weird files comes this:

Virtual Jello wiggler

And from the so creepy I’m going to loose sleep over it files, comes this, a baby laughing in slow motion:

This is probably the stupidest race idea I’ve ever seen… in terms of probability of face shattering injury this ranks far above three legged race and dizzy drunken baseball:

Teachers saran wrap race

I’ve been guilty of using my microwave in inappropriate ways… and I will say that if you put a Smores poptart in the microwave upside down for just the right amount of time.. it’s amazing!:

20 Things you shouldn’t put in microwaves… in microwaves

I’m partial to, “These pretzels are making me thirsty.”:

16 of TV’s greatest catchphrases


2 Responses to “Mint medicine makes me moody”

  1. PandaFace said

    Dude…it probably made you ill cause you have so many TOXINS floatin’ around in that body of yours that the detox effect was too much. Ha! How’s that for crunchy. Good thing you love me.

  2. Provider said

    Hey go back and read my blog about sleep.
    I know NOW sleep makes a difference.

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