Where does the time go?

June 23, 2008

Taking this new job was supposed to afford me all of this extra time to see friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time.  To do more improv shows.  To go on more auditions.

I haven’t seen anyone, I haven’t done one improv show, I haven’t been on one audition (though the last one is more of a case of me dragging my feet on getting headshots reproduced and the lack of auditions being that it is the summer slow season).     

I’ve decided once you’ve attained a certain level of fame and people know your voice, altering it in a subltle way and slurring your words just a little becomes kinda hilarious:

10 Pro tips from Dr. Brule

It’s very acceptable for men to cry… especially for these reasons:

Famous men crying

We’ve all known for quite sometime that female tennis players were hot, but they do make those hot sounds when they hit the ball to draw our attention to it… other athletes are less assuming:

10 Hottest female golfers

Following up their article that I linked to last week about superheroes who can’t get laid… in an effort to remain fair and balanced:

Superheroes who get laid a lot

Wow… I’ll soon be just like the celebrities!:

65 Famous people who filed bankruptcy

Yeah.. but they bring such joy and hope… cut ’em some slack:

Heroes who should be jailed for murder

This thing makes the leg lamp in Christmas Story look like a Winnie the Pooh nite-light:

Coochie lamp


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