George Carlin 1937-2008

June 24, 2008

Silence today for Mr. Carlin… he will be missed:

For those who’ve said, “A Renaissance fair would just not be neerdy enough,” I give you these:

Geek conventions that God never intended

What do you get when you cross gangsta rap with a fat Iraqi child? The proof that this war was totally necessary:

I cannot believe that I haven’t been watching Tim & Eric show on Adult Swim… I watched one episode a long time ago and I didn’t really get it… now I think they’ve found their groove because every clip I see I find to be amazing for it’s bizarreness:

10 Best celeb cameos on Tim & Eric

Everyone has to have goals in life:

Drinking achievements to accomplish before you die

The Boz not having the top spot is a crime against all that is right and true:

12 Best mullets in sports

It’s what ninjas drink out of:

Discreet flasks


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