Garner is Affleckted with emotional distress

June 25, 2008

There is a rumor circulating that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are headed for divorce.  Up is down, hot is cold, day is night… nothing makes sense anymore!!!  It’s possible I guess that she finally realized his head looks like a potato… but I felt she had dealt with that and moved on… I guess I was wrong.  

Sorry my posts have had less personal chatting up front lately.  It turns out that when I’m not stuck at a desk all morning I have a lot fewer interesting things to say.

Sometimes after a night of drinking your memory is hazy… until one of your “good friends” tags a photo of you on facebook that you don’t remember posing for, then the memories come rushing back:

10 Drunken photos you don’t want to be a part of

This is naughty but I feel like since HBO did a documentary on the making of the book it’s classy enough for the panda:

Pornstars clothed and unclothed

I remember having some pretty stupid He-man toys… but wow… DC… what were you thinking?:

10 Stupidest Batman action figures

I’m sure when Wanted comes out this week it will end up on a list like this… until then:

7 Great bullet time moments

Do you enjoy smoking combustible materials?  Do you enjoy stimulating a clitoris?  This is the product for you:


This kid Bo Burnham kid is one of the funnier guys putting out his own videos on the internet… I’ve like a lot of his stuff but the lyrics in this one are vulgar and funny as hell:

It’s more of a public service that I link to things like this… you never know when questions like this will pop up on Family Feud:

10 (Technically 20) Largest celebrity breasts


One Response to “Garner is Affleckted with emotional distress”

  1. erik said

    dude, go back to this site…someone posted a link to yer blog there… so cool.

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