June 27, 2008

For the uninformed SYTYCD stands for So You Think You Can Dance.  Watch it.  That’s all.  If I had time today I would break down how I felt about all of the routines this week… I really have issues…

My mouth is agape… First let me say… this is like some parkour kinda stuff… secondly let me say… it’s a girl that does it… just watch:

Amazing baseball catch

Forget comic books… I want bible superpowers:

Bible superpowers

Why isn’t the Steven Segal box set available in America? Because no one would buy it. Why? Because we don’t make awesome commercials like this:

Steven Segal box set

I linked earlier this month to covers from Playboy, Penthouse and even Hustler… this one is dirtier much dirtier… but… Only High Society brings you their yearly “bunghole bonanza,” and you gotta respect that:

Every cover of High Society since the 70s

This one is really just for Fred:

Baby gun


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